How To Talk To Anyone, Seriously!


Like most teenage girls, I spent majority of my life being extremely shy. I was unsure of who I was, who I wanted to be, and too concerned with what others thought. Years of dealing with all of those fears pretty much ruined my ability to talk to people. My mother would tell you I did not speak for years, but I was always talking to myself. So, how did I overcome my fear of meeting new people, or even speaking in public? I have one class to thank for it, and I am going to give you the secret!

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What’s in my bag


If you are an OG Ashlee Liz girl, then you know I have previously done one of these. Since it has been about six months (or more), I decided to do a fresh version. I love reading these, I think it is pretty cool to see what my favorite people carry around with them on a daily basis. So, here it is! The only thing I removed were straw wrappers and about 56 bobby pins.

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5 Facebook Groups for Lifestyle Bloggers


If you have read any of my traffic reports, then you know that Facebook engagement was something I severely struggled with. Last month I wanted to really focus on my social media, and if my blog traffic grew as a result of that, then hey! Win, Win situation! After talking with my friends Charline and Kimmy over at, I decided to start actively participating in Facebook groups which is something I was really putting off. After a month of, I have found some groups that I love, and I want you to love them too!

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