Body Positivity & My Tips

For years I have had a very slim body. I would attribute that to my years of being an athlete, but it is most likely genetics. Up until I was in my mid 20’s, I could not gain weight, and it did not matter what I ate, drank, or even did. Once I hit my late twenties, things really changed with my body. Today, I am talking about how I grew to love the body I have, not a memory.

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My Crystal Collection

I have always had an affinity for crystals, mainly because they are absolutely gorgeous, but also because they contain energies that we can actually feel. I wrote a post about my spiritual journey, and I will leave that here in case you want to read that. I have been collecting them for a while, and chose to finally talk about them. It is kind of a trend now, but I keep a variety of crystals in parts of my home, as well as in my various bags and vehicle. Without further ado, let’s talk about them!

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Living Room Tour

In December, I moved into my first apartment on my own. No roommates, nothing to worry about! I have spent the last few months trying to get my apartment together, and I think I am finally finished. I broke this down into multiple posts because it would just be a lot of information for one post, and I am not trying to bore you! So, without further ado, my little living room.

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