Why your lifestyle may be killing you

Trust me, I LOVE a good whiskey/bourbon. I love to go hangout with my friends or family, and just get out and let loose. What I didn’t love was not only how I felt in the morning (or late afternoon), but also how I looked. Now, I am not necessarily talking about weight gain, but that is another side of drinking that people do not understand. I am talking about my skin, hair, eyes, you name it. As someone who really loves a good party, let me talk about alcohol and your body real quick.

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Why being single in your twenties isn’t bad

Like most girls my age, I have had quite a few failed relationships. Since I have somehow survived breakups that I thought were devastating, I decided to sit back and look at my dating habits, as well as my personal habits. What is the one thing I noticed? In most cases, I was giving myself FULLY to the relationship, and it was not always reciprocated, at least that is how some of them appeared. What is one thing that I did not notice? How little I was paying attention to myself and my needs. So, upon multiple hours of thought processing, and a little bit of self-evaluation, this is why being single may be your best bet.

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Welcome home, Neyland! + First Time Puppy Tips!

Ever since I moved into my first apartment, I have been dogless. I have grown up with dogs, babysat dogs, and generally been obsessed with dogs since I was very young. While browsing through petfinder.com, I stumbled across a local rescue shelter, and some super fluffy Great Pyrenees puppies. Casually scanning through the photos of the pups for adoption, I stumbled across this little white fluff ball. Made a quick call, a PayPal deposit, and a quick drive to an adoption event, and the next thing I know, I am a mommy!

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