Sunday Riley “Juno”


Winter has consistently been difficult on my skin. I cannot get away without having breakouts or dry and patchy skin. After using Luna from Sunday Riley, I became more interested in face oils. Being a big fan of the brand anyway, I decided to take the plunge and splurge on the Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil. Is it worth the money? Find out more.

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If you did not know, I have a crazy love for video games. I have some pretty fond memories of playing Sonic on my Sega Genesis, yeah, I am not a spring chicken. I hate to inform you my friend. As I am sure you know by now I love skincare. I cannot describe how excited it makes me, it is almost embarrassing. GLAMGLOW is a brand that I always was wanting to try, but I just could not justify the price for it, no matter how good it was, I was convinced that it wouldn’t work for me. After receiving a gift set over the holidays, the love is real. As soon as I saw this limited edition of the GRAVITYMUD mask come out, best believe I was on the Sephora site quicker than I can say Sonic. So, is it worth the money? Keep reading!

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Why I chose to make my blog a hobby instead of a job

For most of us bloggers, it is a complete dream to be able to be a full time blogger. To get to try the newest products and go on amazing adventures, who wouldn’t want that? But when does reality set in? Of course when I began this blog about a year ago that was my end goal, not necessarily to get paid, but defintely to have a great audience and be known for some great content. Around June of last year, the desire for acknowledgement died down, and now here we are. Here are my reasons for choosing to continue to blog even though I may not be reaping any benefits.

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