Day Trips: Chattanooga


Okay, so it is not much of a day trip since it is my hometown, and I am moving back there in a few months haha, but it could be a day trip for someone else! Since I am a “local/native/chattanoogan?, I have a few favorite spots to show you, and tell you what to eat/drink/do when you get there!

I am skipping the tourist things, because we all know about Rock City and Ruby Falls, and if you don’t, just drive by any barn in Tennessee, and you will find out real quick. Let’s get on to the fun stuff. *Yes, my boyfriend/friends/family always makes fun of how many pictures I take, and yes my icloud hates me, but no, I did not eat all of these at once, but I definitely could*

FullSizeRender (2) As someone who spent their first years of employment in a coffee shop, they hold a place in my heart. Do I drink coffee? Nope, but your girl will down some tea! Milk & Honey is this adorable little spot located in the area called Northshore. While tea is not what they do, this is somewhere that I visit every time I am in town and have a chance. First off….the breakfast sandwiches. I am a fan of the S.O.S, which has sausage, spinach, caramelized onions/shallots, onion spread, poached egg, cheddar cheese AND it is on a ciabatta roll. Yeah, I am half tempted to go over and grab one. I should have tried to snag a picture of mine, but your girl was hungry. There are a ton of different things to eat, from ice cream to breakfast and lunch options. Another of my favorite places is Flying Squirrel Bar. I have been a fan of this place since FullSizeRender (3)it opened back in 2013. First off, this is definitely the coolest bar in town, not because one of my oldest and dearest friends works there, but the drinks are amazing, the beer list is out of this world, the food is to die for, and the building is just freaking rad! This is a double-decker bar, so you can always find a place to put down your drink, or your butt. Drink wise, and no, I am not choosing beer. Get the Ms. Beauregarde. Cucumber infused gin, creme de violet (whatever the heck that is), lemon, and lavender syrup. If you have been around for a while, you know that I am a whiskey drinker. So if I am going to recommend gin, you know it is good. Also, on Saturday’s the drinks with the squirrel beside them on the menu are $5! Can’t beat that. Food wise, that Tartare Sandwich is actually insane. Probably the best thing I have put in my mouth this entire year, and that is not an exaggeration. Wagyu beef (japanese beef, I know you have heard of kobe beef), roasted garlic aioli, frisee, fried egg, and Niedlov’s Italian Bread. Is it raw beef? Yes. Look past that, branch out. You need to try this. I adore this place in the summer, and it is up and coming in the Southside area of ChattanoogaFullSizeRender (5). If you have been to Chattanooga before, then this is defintely something that you know about, and probably love as much as I do. Champy’s Chicken is a staple, in my opinion. Open since 2009, it is somewhere that I have been going since…2009 haha. Famous for chicken, and serving you beer in 40oz bottles, I have waited here for long periods of time, but it has always been worth it. They serve more than just fried chicken, so don’t worry. Everything is amazing and has this cool Mississippi vibe to it, and if you have been on the delta, you know what vibe I am talking about. You can also get a sweet koozie for your forty, so I am not sure what else you would ever need, haha. Another fun fact about me is that I am obsessed with hot dogs. Any hot dog, just please do not put chili on it, I am afraid of chili. No, this is not a joke. Located in the same area as Milk & Honey, GOOD Dog makes hot dogs, duh…This is another place FullSizeRender (6)that I have been going to for years, and whenever I am down by Coolidge Park, this is somewhere I make a march towards. Honestly, everything is amazing here. They have all sorts of hot dogs they have designed, or you can be adventurous and make your own (basil-walnut pesto, for a hot dog….do it!)!They also make sausages in house! Yes queen, homemade sausage! They also have excellent fries (frites), and they do some pretty cool topped fries if you aren’t into a hot dog or sausage. Did I mention PBR specials? It is basically being at a fraternity grill out, but with people who can actually cook, haha. They also have gluten-free options if you are concerned about that, and offer veggie and vegan alternatives! Make the whole family happy! While you are down there, check out Clumpies Ice Cream! I sadly can’t eat ice cream, but I have heard it is absolutely amazing.


I will be featuring more food and drink places with my weekly trips back to Chattanooga, so be on the look out! If you have anywhere that I need to check out let me know, I am all about eating food! As always, see you next time!



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