5 brunch spots in Chattanooga


Hello again! Since recently moving back to my hometown, I have been able to experience a lot of things that I either could not attend, or were not even here at all. Since being in my late twenties and really enjoying the happiness that comes in a bottle of champagne, brunch has become a pretty important thing. In addition to it being the perfect cure for a long weekend out, it is a great time to catch up with friends and enjoy some delicious food. Here are 10 places definitely worth checking out in Chattanooga


Chattanooga is a town that has definitely grown up quite a bit. When I was 21, I could never imagine moving back here, or why on Earth anyone would want to even visit here. I have been making a solid effort to actually venture out and see all of the amazing places it has to offer. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of restaurants that have popped up in the five years I have been gone. I used to have to travel to Atlanta or Nashville if I wanted something different.

  1. Bitter Alibi: This is definitely my favorite place to go. Without question. I go here all hours of the day, not just brunch. I am in love with The Seoul Train which is pretty much a hash with Korean pork. It sounds so simple, but oh my gosh. In addition to a pretty diverse brunch menu, you can also get a pitcher of mimosas for $14, hi, hello, can we go now? If champagne is not your thing, they have an absolutely incredible beer menu.This is within walking distance from the Dwell Hotel which is the cool place to stay now. This is a non-smoking bar for those who worry. If you come back for another drink sometime, the bottom is this really relaxed speakeasy style bar, and the top is a really eclectic spin on a tiki bar with a great little New Orleans style porch to sit and have a chat on.bitteralibi.png
  2. Easy Bistro & Bar: I really love the environment of this place! For those of you who may be visiting, this is located right downtown beside the aquarium which makes it a really easy (no pun intended!) stop on your travels. Their brunch menu is less eclectic in terms of flavors, but they definitely have their own unique spin on how they prepare standard breakfast. I highly recommend the Eggs Benedict, but be sure to add the oysters to it. That is really what puts it over the top. They have the normal brunch beverages, but hurry and get there soon to check out the Frosé which is just a frozen rosé cocktail. Hello summer, Hello blog life. On Thursdays they have 50 cent oyster night too, so this is not just a brunch spot!easybistro.png
  3. Flying Squirrel: First off, this place is absolutely amazing. It is unlike any other building in town, and has won awards that they will be willing to show you. Located right next to Crash Pad, it is a pretty hopping place. This is on the newly renovated end of town known as Southside which is full of millennials, airbnbs, and a ton of brand new things to do. This place actually happens to have my favorite sandwich of the year which is the Tartare sandwich, but that is a different story. My favorite brunch item is the Caprese Waffle Sandwich. So simple, but it is exactly the kind of thing I enjoy at brunch. Filling, but not too heavy. They feature an Abita Strawator Beermosa which is as crazy as it sounds. They also have a Sriracha Bloody Mary. I have not tried that one, but a ton of people get it, so it must be good. You can always just grab a carafe of mimosa to keep things traditional. flyingsquirrel.png
  4. 1885 Grill: I don’t think I could talk about brunch and not mention this place. This is in the area of St. Elmo which is right before you head up to Lookout Mountain. I used to go to punk shows in a house in this part of town, but it has definitely changed in the past seven years. If you are a fan of seafood, then I absolutely recommend this place for dinner. It is some of the best in town.They have this Trout Hash which I have not tried yet, but I mean, it can’t be bad can it? My favorite part is the glorious Bananas Foster Belgian Waffle. I usually do not do sweets in the morning, or anytime TBH, but this has an amazing flavor to it, and can really brighten up you day. This has a great seating area that is outside which gives you views around the area as well as the mountain.After you are done, hop on the famous incline railway and visit the mountain! (Special shoutout to my bae: Mojo Burrito)1885grill.png
  5. Aretha Frankensteins: This is a pretty iconic place in the Chattanooga world. I have been going here for years. This place really speaks to my punk side. It is a mismatched combination of a ton of different decorations in a part of town where you expect homes, not anywhere to eat. While this is not a “brunch” style spot, the breakfast is still on point. I have been eating the Shrimp and Grits here for I swear 10 years. During the lunch and dinner part of the day, you can find some really interesting takes on Mexican cuisine and enjoy some beers on the porch. This is a super relaxed place, and always hoppin’ on the weekends, so get there early! This is over on the Northshore side of downtown which is very popular for it’s eclectic style and unique shopping.arethas.png

Do you have any brunch places you love in Chattanooga? Be sure to let me know down below, and maybe I will eventually update this once I explore some more. I’ll keep you posted.




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