3 Travel Must Haves

As I write this, I am prepping for my trip to Dubai/Japan, so I think I can pretty much tell you exactly what I am doing…right? I do a lot of travel within the United States, and I also do a lot of international travel. I have pretty much gotten the travel/packing down to a science. I truly rely on three things for all of my packing needs. So while I am in the midst of this packing disaster, let’s get into the items.

I cannot travel without a backpack, and I think that quite a few of you will agree with that. I love to have a backpack so that my hands are free, and I don’t have to put my bag down anywhere. If you are like me, then you usually get to the airport later than you initially planned, and having your hands free helps the whole process go a lot smoother. You can also fit so much more into a backpack, which is ideal when traveling. I have a Fjallraven Kanken backpack which is a new addition to my travel gear. It is a bit smaller than my previous backpack, but has a great structure to it, as well as just a general classic style. It can also be carried as a bag which is really beneficial sometimes (sunburn happens my friends!). This bag comes in a bunch of different colors, and quite a few different shapes as well. I ordered mine off of Urban Outfitters, but there are a ton of different websites to purchase these backpacks from.

So, I had no idea what packing cubes were until I watched Ingrid Nilsen and Prettyneatliving on Youtube. If you aren’t familiar, they are usually mesh/nylon sort of material and zip up to keep everything in a smaller “package”. I have used the traditional packing cubes for quite a few years, but recently acquired the compression packing cubes from Eagle Creek. These not only zip the contents within the little cube, but there is an additional zipper to compress the cube even further than a traditional one. Considering that I normally travel with carry on luggage, this is absolutely amazing, and really allows me to pack more things than necessary. Still not sure if that’s a good thing, but a girl has to have options. Like the backpack, these cubes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It is pretty easy to find something that fits your taste.

Last summer I went to Europe for about a month, and took an international carry on bag with me. For my fellow Americans who have not had to suffer through the pain that is an international carry on….it is a lot smaller. It is pretty difficult to compress your life into something that small, especially for more than about two weeks (see the beauty of the packing cubes friends!). My carry on I use constantly is my Lipault Original Plume Spinner 55/20. It is basically a hard bottom with a really soft top, but still extremely padded! Not only is it lightweight, but it is easily cleaned, and has virtually no damage done to it, even after flying multiple times with it. It has two ways of carrying it, in addition to the rolling ability. I am a huge fan, shout out to my aunt for finding this little baby. It is the only luggage I have carried in over a year.

Neyland is not very happy about his mom having to pack, but he is a great helper. I acquired all of these pieces individually, but yet they are all orange. It surprises me too, I guess I am a true Tennessee Volunteers fan? It also makes knowing what items are mine super easy. I use these items in conjunction on my trips. Everywhere from visiting my parents, or even to Europe or Japan. What are your travel items? I am always ready for tips and tricks, so be sure to let me know down below!


    1. Awesome! They are really great for packing a lot in a small space. There are a lot of cheap alternatives on Amazon, but I think the eagle creek ones are the best quality

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