Why we need to celebrate the success of others

Celebrating Other's

Jealousy is something that we all know too well. It is something that we experience in our every day lives. Yeah, yeah, you might be thinking that you do not experience this at all, but guess what, when you see Gigi Hadid’s flawless manicure, that still counts as jealousy. Today we are going to ramble on about success, jealousy, and how it is all natural, but does not have to interfere with your life.

The dreaded world of blogging

I am going to go ahead and get this portion out of the way. I personally have nothing negative to say, I have had an amazing experience so far. I have met wonderful people, gained an outlet that makes me feel confident in my personal life as well, and have found something that makes me excited to wake up every day. I love it. If you are considering it, do it, you will never feel bad about it. There will always be some jealousy that comes along with blogging though. Someone will always have better content, better layout, better content, more followers…you get the idea. I respect successful bloggers because you actually have to work at! You do not just wake up one morning with 10,000 page views, and if you are reading those pinterest articles, then get it together, you know that isn’t true. It is truly a labor of love, and there is a ton of things that go into blogging, it is not just writing something, and sending it out into the world. That is a whole different blog post though….haha.

Normal life

I do not see this at all. I love my life, yeah, there are ups and downs, but everyone has them, so that’s normal! We see celebrities or just people who may have more than we do, and we might feel like our life is not good enough, or that we are not successful because we are not living the same lifestyle as someone else. The most important thing I think is that success is not measurable. Money, objects…those are measurable. Your personality, traits, happiness, sadness, struggle, drive, motivation…these are things that you cannot measure. I have been in a place that was so dark and negative that I never thought I would be able to accomplish anything. I had ran myself into the ground, but if you make the effort (which is what most successful people did, BTW!), then you can make your life anything you desire. Everyone has different lives, and different opportunities. It is just all about how you treat yourself. That is they key.

Advice for the future

This is primarily about the social side of things. Something that I have found and love is communicating with others. I have spent the better part of my life very shy. It took so much for me to talk to strangers, I never thought I would be doing it every single day, haha. Getting to know people has allowed me to understand what makes them who they are, and why they are so successful. I love hearing people’s stories and learning about them. It really explains so much about someone. There are people who you probably wonder about their success. Why are they successful? How did they get that way? Why not me? Negative thoughts will always breed negativity. If you are trying to become successful, then you need to start thinking in a positive way, and not feeling victimized by success. The world is your oyster, you just have to find your current.



  1. Such great tips lady! Love having met you from blogging and LOVE sharing our #girlboss moments and celebrating each others success. xx, Lauren

  2. When it comes to fellow bloggers, I am definitely guilty of feeling jealous – especially of their design + aesthetic! There’s just something about a snazzy website design that gets me, haha. But you’re right: those insane follower numbers and site views don’t happen overnight. Sometimes bloggers luck into those things, but most of it comes from a crap ton of hustle.

    It’s funny – I never exactly thought of blogging as “talking to people everyday”. Don’t ask me why that didn’t register. I’m a fairly shy person sometimes, so I totally feel you about the whole talking to strangers thing. I guess the reason why blogging never felt like this is because I’m so much more comfortable writing things out then physically speaking to a person.

    Thanks for some good insight, Ashlee! 🙂

  3. The way I see it, we shouldn’t look at other peoples successes or lives with jealousy. Instead we should be happy for them & use it as a motivation to work on achieving our own goals 🙂 I love it when people are supporting & encouraging each other instead of competing or trying to put each other down x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

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