Why I love podcasts, and why you should too!

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For about a year now, I have fluttered around with podcasts. I found a handful of some that I enjoyed (I will get to that in a minute, promise!), and some that I could not stand. As one of my resolutions, I decided that I was going to integrate podcasts into my everyday life. So far, I have stuck to that pretty well.

Why I listen to them:

  1. They are educational, duh! If you go and browse some podcasts, you will find one on just about anything. If you are trying to learn something new, or refresh something old, you will find it. You can even decide who you want to listen to, and the certain episodes. If you do not care about one of them, don’t listen to it! You are able to cater them to your specific taste.
  2. I have been on a journey of self discovery since around November, and those are the primary style of podcast I listen to. They allow me to focus on myself, and ask questions that I may not be asking. I am a huge fan of listening to them in the car. Sometimes I get sick of listening to music, and they are the perfect option. Plus, a lot of the topics are interesting, so it helps your brain grow, which is always awesome!

Which ones am I listening to:

  1. That’s So Retrograde This is my favorite, hands down. It is one of the first 1444942911556.jpgones I started listening to, and the only one that remains from the original first round. Elizabeth Katt and Stephanie Simbari are basically my spirit animals. This focuses a ton on spirituality, moon phases, crystals, self improvement, etc. Basically, everything that I am interested in. Their podcast made me explore astrology, and even go get my palm read (which you should totally do!). In addition to that side of the podcast, they also talk about things happening in pop culture, politics, health, dating, everything! If it is going on, they are more than likely talking about it, and definitely have a voice that you need to hear! Their podcasts are available on Soundcloud, and Itunes.
  2. The Lively Show If you want to talk about someone who is inspiring as hell, meet Jess Lively. She is like the insanely supportive friend you TheLivelyShowBanner2016always wish you had but could never find. According to her podcast, she is trying to add  “intention to your everyday”. As someone who gets side tracked constantly, and who experiences moments of feeling down, this is something I desperately needed. After I discovered this podcast in November, it is definitely one that I can say has made a change in me. She talks a lot about positive lifestyles, wellness, career/business, and does these amazing gratitude/favorites series too! You can find her on Itunes, and she has this amazing blog. Check her out, especially if you are having a bad day.
  3. Coffee With Crachel I love these two! They talk about the funniest things, and have a lot of spunk. Plus, they drink coffee! Hi! They answer a lot of listener questions, talk about their days, things they love, and whatever else they feel like. If you need something to get your mind off of something, or to make you laugh, this is definitely the one. They also have Youtube guests on the podcast, as well as being Youtubers themselves. You can find them on Itunes, Soundcloud, and on Youtube.




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