What’s in my school bag?


Well friends, I think I have finally figured out what to take to class. I commute to school quite a long ways, and I cannot take everything I own. So I decided to show you guys what I take along with me. Plus, I can talk about my new favorite bag to carry all of these things in!


  1. A girl needs a planner, I have stressed this a million times. I love the Lilly Pulitzer jumbo agendas. I can write down a ton of things, and really organize my life. Be sure to check out my post completely dedicated to planners here!
  2. I always carry a small notebook with me, and I found this super adorable one at Target in the dollar section, so hey! I am a crazy list maker (as most bloggers are I think, haha), and this is small enough to be able to go in my handbag as well as my school tote.
  3. You know that annoying girl who always has the powerpoints printed out in class and follows along in the book? Yeah, that is me! I keep one binder for all of my classes, and just keep any handouts or notes in that one binder so I never lose anything. It has worked so far in my life, so I can’t complain! In addition to my overly organized self, I found these perfect dividers in the dollar section as well! Target is killing the game right now!
  4. I think this goes without saying, but I also have to have writing utensils! I am a traditional gal and never take my computer to class. I learn things much better if I physically write them out. I love quirky pencils, and am a collector of them pretty much. If I see them, I buy them (you guessed it, Target!). Highlighters are a must have for me as well, I use different colors depending on my different classes, it just keeps things organized, and I make sure that color transfers over to my planner to make sure everything is consistent.
  5. PAGE FLAGS, PAGE FLAGS, PAGE FLAGS! I cannot stress how important these are. I found these extra cute ones when I was shopping, and it just makes my school work and planner a little bit more fun. I use these in my planner to mark exams or due dates, and then I mark up by books and notes as well.
  6. Lastly, and probably most important, the bag! I was sent this amazing tote bag from Fashionit. It is a canvas tote that has some fun metallic silver stripes all across it. The bag is also lined so it is easy to clean too! I choose totes over a backpack because I like to have my things where I can see them, and sometimes I have some pretty big things to carry that don’t fit into a backpack (business major problems!). This back has a snap button closure on the top to keep everything together, and some really supportive straps as well!

What do you keep in your school bag? Is there anything that I might be missing? Let me know!

*This bag was given to me by Fashionit, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*



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