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Hello friends! I feel like I have been kind of MIA in the past couple of weeks. I have had some changes going on in my world, so I fully apologize. Since we are internet friends and I love reading what you guys are loving/doing, I am going to tell you about some things that I love and all of that fun stuff.

  1. GOING OUTSIDE: I know, it seems so weird to have this on a list. I am notorious for being a homebody and staying inside. I have really fair skin, and all of the bugs in the world want to touch me. After making some new friends who are quite outdoorsy, I have fallen back in love with going outside and going on adventures!  I have been introduced to some really amazing swimming locations in the Chattanooga area, which I plan on doing a post about in the future! I love things off of the path, I think it makes it so much more magical. Plus, getting some Vitamin D has really changed my mood. A girl cannot complain.
  2. STRANGER THINGS: If you have not watched this or heard of this, then what are you doing with your life? I am a huge fan of anything involving aliens, and this is absolutely perfect. Winona Ryder makes a killer comeback in this thriller/drama/horror Netflix series. Plus, how cute is Dustin? In addition to a fantastic cast, the story line is binge worthy, and the soundtrack is the perfect 80’s throwback. The way this series was produced is also absolutely ingenious!
  3. NO HEAT HAIR: I naturally have some pretty wild hair. Think Merida from Brave. Yeah. From where I have been outside in pools, rivers, lakes, rain, etc, I have not been able to constantly keep it perfect and curled. I have been loving my natural hair lately, and it has finally grown long enough to once again wear it curly. When I do have time to curl my hair or straighten it, my hair is so soft, I guess it likes nature too.
  4. NYX LIQUID SUEDE: I did a post on these amazing products, and I literally just got home from Target where I unintentionally picked up another one. The obsession won’t end! They just last beautifully, feel amazing on the lips, and come in colors that are definitely something I wear all the time. I carry them around in my purse just in case I get the sudden urge to change it up. Literally obsessed.
  5. JERGENS NATURAL GLOW: This is how I cheat during the summer. I am not a fan of being in the sun to tan, I have a pretty severe fear of skin cancer. I actually use the Medium to Tan version instead of the fair one. I can just get the best results in the quickest amount of time. Plus, the smell is amazing. It is like a really fresh and uplifting perfume instead of that weird uncooked chicken smell of years past.




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