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IMG_9132We are half way through the week everyone! Thank goodness. The end of semesters always get crazy, and just spring in general. We all want to be outside, not sitting at a desk. Today, I have a book that I believe has really changed my outlook this year, and I want to share it with you. You have probably heard of it, it is one of those trendy reads, but it does have a lot of great information. Especially if you are trying to live a life with more reason/purpose/rest/less anxiety…you get the idea. The book I am referring to is The Soul Searcher’s Handbook: The Modern Girl’s Guide to the New Age World by Emma Mildon.

soul search

I know what you’re thinking….great…another girl who has twenty-nine pieces of rose quartz, and nineteen amethyst rocks beside her bed to help her sleep. You’re wrong, I don’t, but that does not mean that I wouldn’t. I would prefer my back of reese cups beside my bed, the crystals will have to wait. I have the mobile version of this book, and that is only because I wanted it right then, and did not feel like waiting for shipping #lazy #impatient. So, let me explain what this book is before I get into the juice. Sort of a spiritual guide, but not in a religious manner. If you are looking for something to guide you to a more fulfilling and life affirming outlook, you should run out and pick this up…now! It covers everything from the body, to the mind, and your spirit. Best thing? Emma talks to you like she wrote it specifically for you, which is something I can always appreciate. She answers broad questions to small questions, and explains it in the easiest way to understand. Before you read the book, make sure that you do the “What kind of soul searcher are you” quiz. Then you can jump into the first part, the body.

IMG_9133 So, let’s face it. It is kind of difficult to worry about your spirit if your body is struggling. The first section of this book talks about balance which includes everything form general health (holistic approaches), yoga, stress management (which we all know I need), to this little thing I love called meditation (see my previous post here!). Next she dives head first into the crystal and gemstone area of new age spirituality, which I read a lot. I am currently trying to get a handle on all of that, and she has great detail, basically exactly what you are looking for. We all like to smell amazing, and she talks about aromatherapy, which goes right into body balance, and obviously ends in feng shui. It is explained, and there are some tips and tricks for you. Basically, this is all an intro for your future, and helps you with the rest of the stuff you are going to read in the book!


IMG_9134 Alright, so the second part is about your mind…duh! Have you ever wondered what your dreams meant? Emma gives a small overview of a couple of different things to help you sort those puppies out! These next three things are some of my favorites. I love Numerology, Astrology, and name meanings. As much as someone might say it doesn’t matter, then my entire life is full of coincidences. She tells you the formulas for numerology, which are so easy. Really though, a whole chapter on astrology. As someone who is all about signs and fate and all of that…I love it, and I believe it, but you don’t have to (You Sagittarius, you). Last part of this chapter is about Universal Law….what the hell is a universal law? haha. They basically run you without you actually knowing it.

IMG_9135 Alright, rounding it up is the spirit. Honestly, this is the part I have read the least. Girl is trying to get the rest of her life in order first! This talks about guides. Be it a god, angel, edler, spirit, ancestor (I see you Mulan), everyone will have something different to help them make great decisions along their journey, and yes. she breaks it down in terms you can understand, have no fear! This is definitely the “advanced” section of the book. Akashic Records, Past Lives, Light Council, Soul Mates, Protection Ceremonies, and a celebration for you! I would try and explain what they are, but I still am working on it, so I do not want to say something crazy, haha. Self insurance y’all.


So, if you are looking for some life inspiration, or to turn your life around, I suggest you checking this book out. You can pick it up anywhere online, and it is usually less than $15! Pretty great price for some pretty amazing information. What books are you loving right now? Have you read this book? Let a girl know!



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