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I have always had an affinity for crystals, mainly because they are absolutely gorgeous, but also because they contain energies that we can actually feel. I wrote a post about my spiritual journey, and I will leave that here in case you want to read that. I have been collecting them for a while, and chose to finally talk about them. It is kind of a trend now, but I keep a variety of crystals in parts of my home, as well as in my various bags and vehicle. Without further ado, let’s talk about them!

Amethyst: This is the perfect stone for creativity. It helps you focus and actually can amplify your creative abilities. This is a great stone for healing as well, and can get rid of negative energies that you may be experiencing. Amethyst is a very soothing stone which can help medical issues, and even improve the quality of your sleep.

Blue Calcite: A great stone for communication! Not only is this a calming stone, but it helps retain information, and gives you the energy to communicate your ideas clearly. It can also assist you in decision making. Also a great stone for gridding!

Blue Lace Agate: Blue Lace Agate is an amazing stone for communication. Known for it’s soothing appearance, it creates calming energy that flows. This is great for clarity and confidence to share the truth.  This is also fantastic for counteracting feelings caused by fear, judgement, or rejection. Great to have on your person during speeches, or pitching ideas to strangers.

Black Tourmaline: This is a great stone for protection. It is used mostly in ritual practice to indicate trouble, or even show a good direction. This is a very purifying stone as well. Used to protect you from panic attacks, emotional pain, and for grounding yourself.

Chrysocolla: This is a stone of communication. This is amazing for expression, empowerment, and for teaching. The color turquoise is known for dispelling negative energies as well. This stone helps to strengthen words and actions that we use. This is also a stone of the goddess, so it is great for female energy.

Dalmatian Jasper: This stone is perfect for transforming ideas into actual development. It also helps to really help strengthen relationships with your family, or even at work. Dalmation Jasper has the ability to balance both the yin-yang energies as well. A great stone to keep around pets and children as well.

Emerald: This is a good stone to bring passion to your life. This creates great self esteem in females as well. It is great for calming, and even better for inspiration in the creative fields. Emerald is known for being a stone with the ability to clear one’s mind, and to improve memory.

Green Calcite: Used as a stone of manifestation, this helps you to receive trust. If you spend time around plants, this is also a great stone to have. This is great for clearing out old energies that may still be surrounding you. This is a great stone to have on hand while going through large changes.

Honey Calcite: This stone is great for amplifying energy. This is a fantastic stone to use during your meditations as well as overall enhancing your psychic energy and memory. Like most calcites, this is also a fantastic stone for restoring balance. Yellow stones are fantastic for solidifying new ventures as well!

Iron Pyrite: Pyrite is a very protective stone and is known to deflect harm. One of the best stone for traveling or performing dangerous jobs. This guards against manipulation and criticism. This stone creates more vitality in the home and clears the space for a more harmonious energy.

Lepidocrocite: Sometimes called fire quartz, this stone has a very high vibration. It is excellent to use to connect during meditation, and is great for alignment work as well. This stone also attracts love and harmony to your life, and strengthens your psychic abilities.

Moonstone: This is an amazing stone to have if you are a traveler. It keeps you safe on any sort of journey you are on, sea or land. This is a great stone for opening your heart to accept love, and also great if you are on the search for new love. This is also a fantastic piece for self expression as well as self acceptance.

Orange Calcite: Orange crystals in general are known for bringing happiness and pleasure. This is a perfect stone to restore balance in your life, and even better to use as a grief stone. The pure joy that orange calcite provides a mental boos that keeps your energy as high as the crystal itself.

Pink Mangano Calcite: Sometimes called the “Reiki Stone”. This has a gentle energy that helps to calm and ease the heart chakra. Not only does this stone improve how you feel about yourself, but it also works through universal love.

Pink Opal: Pink stones are often associated with love, and guess what, this is no different. Being an Opal, this stone also brings inspiration, imagination, and creativity to your life. This stone is great for all kinds of relationships, and emphasizes gentleness and kindness in your life. Opals are stones of the eye, which makes them not only beneficial in your life, but also beautiful.

Quartz: This is a must have for anyone. This is the key stone for healing, meditation, communication, and whatever else you want to use it for. It can also amplify the energy of various crystals, which makes the essential for gridding. This brings strength and clarity in every day use, and protects the carrier from negative energies.

Rose Quartz: This is a very nurturing stone, and great for self love and self worth. This is great for matters of the heart, and can strengthen a relationship if used in a grid or altar. It also is great for calming, and is known to help adults sleep better.

Selenite: Another great stone for protection. This is a great stone to keep in your house since it also deepens a sense of belonging and home. It absorbs negative energy to keep your home pure and happy. This is also a stone of truth and honesty, which makes it great for the office too!

Snowflake Obsidian: Known for being a very pure stone, this is amazing for bring balance to your life. This can help remove negativity from your life, and it can actually improve focus. It is a great stone to have for dealing with a negative past to overcome those harmful feelings.

Sunstone: A stone of abundance, this is incredible for leadership, personal power, freedom, and expanding your consciousness. With the power of the sun behind it, this stone brings openness, strength, and mental clarity as well. Yellow crystals are quite often associated with joy. Carrying this stone increases liveliness and enthusiasm for life.This can help to alleviate fear and stress as well.

Tiger’s Eye: A wonderful stone for increasing self confidence. This also has some good fortune properties that attract flow of income to you. It can be used as a stone of courage to give you the strength you need to get through your day to day. Tiger’s Eye is a strong stone that has high energy levels to promote harmony and balance in your life.


Are you into crystals? Which one is your favorite?



    1. Once you start it is hard to stop, haha. I do love to have them around me though, I think they have brought some great energy to my space. Thanks for reading!

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