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Hello friends, we are now in the holiday season (officially, I have been in the season since after Halloween!). I have done a stocking stuffer gift guide and a sort of mid range gift guide, and now it is time to whip out the luxury gift guide! These are gifts that will range above $50. Let’s get into it!


Okay, so this is pretty amazing. I came across this while watching some Youtube videos, and have put this on my personal wishlist. This is the HP Sprocket which is a portable photo printer that works with your phone. This works with your phone and has an app that allows you to print off your the amazing photos on your camera. These come as sticky back photos so you can place them anywhere, or you can easily just use them without peeling the back off. This will run you about $130, and has refillable photo packs for $9.99.

HP Sprocket Portable Printer


Okay, so, I think we all know that I am really into skincare at this point.I recently went to Sephora and tried out the Power Couple Duo set, and have been really into Sunday Riley as a brand since then. Full size of these products are pretty expensive, and I think these small sets are a great way to see if this skincare is for you, and gives you enough product to determine the effects this may have for you. I love my little set, and these features the Good Genes lactic acid treatment, the Luna sleeping night oil, as well as the Ceramic Slip cleanser, and Tidal enzyme water cream. This set is $90 bucks, and keep in mind these are travel size items. For someone who is serious about skincare, I think this is a wonderful gift.

Sunday Riley #SquadGoals Skincare Essentials Kit


Diptyque is a pretty fancy candle brand from Paris which is known for having amazing scented candles, but they also have personal fragrances as well. This set features five different eau de parfums. The scents featured in this are

Tam Dao: Sandalwood, rosewood, cypress, ambergeis

Philosykos: Fig leaves and wood, white cedar.

Do Son: Tuberrose, orange leaves, pink peppercorn, musk

L’Ombre dans l’Eau: Blackcurrant leaves, bulgarian roses

Oud Palao: Bulgarian rose, laotin oud, indian cypriol, sri lankan sandalwood, somalian olibanum, madagascan vanilla, spanish cistus, indonesian patchouli

These are really unique scents, so keep that in mind, and are pretty heavy overall. A standard bottle of one of these scents is $150, but you can get all five of these to try for $115. They do have incredible lasting power, and are unique in that you won’t be finding these in your standard shops.

Diptyque Eau de Parfum Discovery Set


If you can’t tell, I am an enormous fan of Kate Spade anything. I recently picked up a smaller crossbody for going out and things of that sort rather than chucking around my large satchels. This time of year, these are all over the internet for close to $100, but usually run about $198. I love these bags because they are really small, but have a good amount of room in them. I struggle fitting my weenie dog wallet in mine, but I have a smaller wallet that I use for this purse. It is a great bag for just the essentials, and the quality is amazing. These bags come in a range of different colors, so you can definitely find something to suit the intended recipient.

Kate Spade Cami Crossbody Bag


I know you are sick of seeing Lush products, but honestly, they are the best gifts. I always have a couple of the big gifts on my list, and baths are so luxurious. It is a time when you can really focus on yourself and relax with some amazing scents as well as some great oils and benefits to your skin. This set in particular features…

Sleepy Body Lotion, Santa’s Belly, Twilight Shower Gel, Bubbly Shower Gel, Rose Jam Shower Gel, The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar, Peeping Santa Bubble Bar, Satsuma Bath Bomb, Northern Lights Bath Bomb, So White Bath Bomb,  Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb, Butterbear Bath Bomb, Luxury Lush Pad Bath Bomb, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Snow Angel Luxury Bath Oil, Baked Alaska Soap, Snowcastle Soap.

There area a ton of different products, and would be amazing for someone who wants to try different products from the brand. These feature a good amount of the Christmas products which make it especially nice for this time of year.

So yeah, those are my options for luxury gifts, as well as some that I already have under my tree for my friends and family. What are your luxury wishlist items? Let me know in the comments down below!



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