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As you can most likely imagine….I had no idea what this was. Thanks to the magic that is the internet, I have found a new way to find blogs, thumbs up for that! I was nominated by BeautyLaLinda, be sure to check out her blog (for fans of: beauty, fashion, and general lifestyle topics). For my fellow clueless bloggers, this award is given by your peers, and consists of eleven questions that you will answer, after answering, you will then think of eleven questions, and tag a few of your favorite bloggers! Sounds fun right? Let’s dive into it!

  1. What made you decide to join the blogging world? I honestly have had the desire to start this for a long time, and I just woke up one day, and decided it was time! I wanted to have my own little area where I could talk about what I wanted, and it be completely my opinion. I wanted to connect with other people who had similar interests, and people I could learn things from.
  2. Is blogging what you thought it would be when you started? Honestly, yes. I knew that it was going to take over my time. I would prefer to sit at home and do things associated with blogging rather than going out. I think the only thing that was shocking was the amount of social networking that is involved. I am normally a pretty shy gal, but I have since gotten over that. Everyone is so kind.
  3. What has been you highlights in the blogging world so far? Definitely figuring the basics on my own, there is way more than I ever knew about! I love the interactions that I have been able to have so far. Even though it is just every now and then, I just feel so awesome knowing someone is reading what I am writing, and that they like it enough to say something!
  4. What are your favorite types of blogs to read? I definitely deal with anxiety, which is why I turned to lifestyle blogs. Makeup and fashion are great, but at the end of the day, I am still me. With lifestyle blogs, there is life advice, and things that I can apply to my own life. I also love travel blogs. I am a big traveler myself, and I am always looking for the next place to go!
  5. What is you goal for your blog? Is it you hobby or would you like it to be your job? My goal is just to have fun. I do not have any agendas, I just want to stay true to myself. I want it to be things that I love, and if that somehow formed into a job, that would be the dream, right?! and I are very comfortable right where we are, but there are plans to grow and to reach more and more people to share our content with them. (Why am I talking about my blog like it is my boyfriend? Sorry Ryan)
  6. What is the most important thing you have learned about blogging so far? It is not hard! You just have to sit down and dedicate the time to do it. You can learn anything if you put your mind to it. I DEFINITELY am trying to get my Photoshop game up. I would love to make printables in the future to offer my readers. Blogging is just like learning to ride a bike, just get on the thing!
  7. Which country is currently at the top of your list to visit!? In May I am hopping on over to Scotland/England/France, but I would love to visit India or Nepal. I studied Hinduism for about eight years, and I would love to see the origin of something that has been such a big part of my life.
  8. If you could be anyone for a day who would it be? Oh gosh…this is going to be lame, don’t kill me. I would pick Lauren Conrad. WAIT! LET ME EXPLAIN! She has so much going on in her life all the time, and I would love to know how she deals with it! It would probably change my life. Plus, I have watched her TV shows since they came on (fangirlin’ for real).
  9. Who is your biggest inspiration in life? My friends and family are all inspirations to me. I only surround myself with people who allow me to grow, and who motivate me to be better for them. Every single one of my friends and family have an aspect about them that I love. The support they have given me is something that I could never repay them for, and something I am beyond grateful for.
  10. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be? Do your own life! Do not get caught up in things you think are cool, because guess what, they do not matter now! Do what makes you happy, and also, leave the vodka alone. You are a whiskey drinker. Also, ditch that boy, he broke your heart at eighteen, he will do it again eight years later.
  11. What is you ideal day?  Waking up in a different town with someone to explore it with. Grabbing some seriously awesome brunch, hitting up a local market, and exploring the history of the city I am in. Getting lunch at some adorable boutique style spot, day drinking! always! Climbing into some little dive bar later in the evening, and immersing myself into the culture of the city! (Props if I can go on a ghost tour!)

Phew, that is all the questions from Linda! Thanks again girl, it really means a lot. Especially since it has only been two weeks since I started this blog! Let’s see, for my questions…

  1. What got you started with your blog?
  2. What is your favorite social media?
  3. What is your favorite song of all time? Why?
  4. What trend are you looking forward to this spring?
  5. What is one piece of advice you plan to give your children?
  6. What is one thing you wish you knew before beginning your blog?
  7. Would you rather have your dream job, or live in your dream city?
  8. What is your favorite blog?
  9. What is one area you wish to improve on with your blog?
  10. What is the best tip you have ever received for blogging?
  11. If you could hangout with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Alright, who am I going to nominate?!

Vivi –

Courtney –

Iga –

Liberty & Katie –


And until next time, have an awesome day, and drink your water!




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