International Women’s Day 2016

What is up my internet people, happy International Women’s Day! Break out the sweet playlists Spotify is probably pumping out today, and get in the spirit! The older I have gotten, I have realized the importance of this day, and just women in general. This year, the theme is gender parity. It is estimated that women will not see equality until 2133. Yeah, for some CRAZY reason, that is going to take 117 years. I pledged to help speed up the process, and I encourage you to do it as well. It literally takes less than a minute, and can help to move our world to a better place. I am going to leave a link to the site to get your pledge on, and also to find more information about the day itself. Now…I am going to tell you about some of my favorite women in history, and why they are important. It is International Women’s Day after all, so let’s celebrate some women that have helped us progress in society, right? Heck Yeah!

Image result for elizabeth blackwellGonna kick this off with Elizabeth Blackwell. She is the first woman IN THE WORLD to graduate from medical school….kinda a big deal. Plus, she is from the same town in England as my family. (shout out to Bristol!) It took quite a few years after she moved to America to get into a school, but Geneva Medical College in New York allowed her to come on in. Although everyone thought this was a joke, she ended up graduating first in her class (is this Elle Wood’s Grandmother). Naturally, she had a hell of a time getting any recognition for what she did, but she ended up being able to found the London School of Medicine for Women after her assistance with the infirmaries in the Civil War. Learning about her life was definitely something I remember from college, so you should probably look into her. I love a good history lesson!


Okay, this one may be controversial, but hey, I like her! Margaret Sanger. What did she do? She had a heavy hand in Planned Parenthood. She saw the effects of undesired pregnancies, and decided that she was going to do something to help. Guess what, she had problems too. After founding the National Birth Control League in 1914, she was able to set up a clinic two years later. She was deemed a public nuisance, but she her complications helped make it possible for doctors to distribute birth control. Now, you may not be a fan of the organization, and that is totally cool, have your own opinions! That organization is something I feel very strong about, and something that is important in our society today.


If there is one thing about me, I love Amelia Earhart. I am not sure if it is my love for airplanes, my love for mysteries, or my love for people doing some awesome things. Like most women of her time, she worked as a nurse, SHOCKING. Through that work in WW1, she discovered flying. Guess what, her first teacher…was the first woman to graduate from the Curtiss School of Aviation. Through her life, she set not only records for women, but records for aviation in general. Through her work at Purdue University, she was given a plane to replace the one that she had previously sold. In 1937, she set out to fly around the world, and her fate would become eternal mystery.


100% my favorite writer of all time, Maya Angelou. She had an extremely difficult childhood, being raped by her mother’s boyfriend, and even becoming mute after his murder. After her first marriage, she became a professional dancer and singer in California. Once she met her second husband, he urged her to focus on her writing career, and they moved to New York City. After being published, she met Martin Luther King, Jr, and she and with another activist began the SCLC. Honestly, this woman has done so much in her life, that I encourage you to learn about her. She has been involved in every aspect of improving racial tension in America, and even read her poem at the inauguration of Bill Clinton. She is even still held very high after her death in 2014.


Those are just a couple of my favorite women in history, but there are so many more that deserve to be put into a spotlight. On this day, I definitely think that you should dedicate some time to learning about women in history, and understanding what they did to bring us to this place in society.

PLEDGE HERE, Like I said before, it takes maybe a minute, and can help efforts to change the world. There is also a ton of information about today, and any type of event that may be going on near you!










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