3 Tips to Love Yourself

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Like most of us, I have suffered with my self confidence. I knew who I was, and for years I wanted nothing more than to change myself. Society today definitely does not make it easy for girls. I see so many girls who are so insecure, and who will do anything to seem like whoever the “It” girl is at the moment. One day, when I was about twenty-three, I woke up and realized that no matter what anyone said about me, I loved myself. From that day on, it changed my life. Now…don’t get me wrong, my anxiety levels can be through the roof, and I probably do not handle it in the way that I should, but things just go wrong sometimes, and sometimes you just cannot help it. I am going to give you my five tips that I use on myself whenever I am starting to slide down the rope of life.

  1. Talk to yourself! I literally do this all the time. Sometimes the best advice you can get is the advice you tell yourself. Family and friends are awesome, but unless you tell them every detail, they really don’t know. If I am in the car, best believe I will talk to myself if I think I need it. You really cannot always feel happy, and if you think that you do, you are probably lying to yourself. We all have struggles, and how you deal with them reflects who you are. It feels weird at first, but, you probably talk into your Snapchat right?! Same Thing! Except, this won’t expire in twenty-four hours, and it helps your soul. Just try it, seriously!
  2. My mother will be so proud when she sees what I say next….GET A HOBBY! Before I began this journey, I was just doing homework and watching reruns of The Hills on Hulu. Straight up. Find something you are motivated by, find something that you have passion for. Start a blog girl! I have only had this shindig going for about a week, and I am so in love with it. It takes your mind off of all of the negative things, and lets you feel like you are doing something productive. Plus, meeting new people is always amazing. If you are feeling unmotivated, you need to get out and do something new as soon as you are able to. It has changed my life in just a week, and it really helps put things into perspective. It has also been proven that writing things out can help relieve stress and anxiety. Once again, just try it!
  3. Take time for yourself. One thing you will learn about me is that I am all about a bubble bath. Go to Target, grab some epsom salts, some bubble bath, light some candles, turn on some jams, hop in a bath! It gives you time to completely relax, and take the time for yourself. Play some games on your phone, read some blogs, watch some Youtube videos. It is a healthy thing to do, I promise. Even if it is only twenty minutes, those twenty minutes take you to another place. They keep you out of the stresses that you may be facing, and let you just be alone with yourself.

So yeah, try those. I have been doing two of those things for years, and they are tiny things that people take for granted. Mental health is as important as Physical health, and I want all of my friends to be healthy and happy. If you try these things and they don’t work, there are so many outlets you can find that offer more help if you need it. As someone who still struggles with anxiety issues every day, it takes time. As Dory says, just keep swimming!


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