Hosting a tea party

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I have grown up having tea parties my entire life. When I was younger, I did not even care if there were actual people there or not. Everyone was getting some tea. As I grew up, I finally was able to join the tea parties that my family had, and I learned how much I love tea, parties, and tiny pastries or sandwiches. Most importantly, I learned that I loved to get people together. Even to this day, I will still use any excuse to have my friends get together. Thanks to my crazy English grandmother, and my continual search for tea rooms in the southern part of the United States, I have a few tips to hand out to y0u if you are thinking of hosting one yourself as an adult, with actual people!

1. Send Invitations

Yes girl, I am talking about actually getting addresses. Tea parties are something our grandmother’s and their grandmother’s did. Keep this thing traditional! Personally, I am terrible at checking my mail, and let’s be real. It is a modern time we are living in. You can totally just email an invitation that you designed online (or a template, I am not judging)! I have done a post about Canva, and that is just the easiest online platform to use design.

2. Plan the menu

Food rules everything around me (F.R.E.A.M). When planning a party, I think food is the absolute most important thing, next to beverages and music, duh! Traditional tea parties are usually held between 4pm and 6pm as something to hold a person over before dinner begins. Imagine finger foods, I always compare them to “shower” parties. Small sandwiches, pastries, cookies, cheese, fruits, and biscuits/scones make great choices for tea parties, and are typically the kind of offerings you would expect to find. As far as tea goes, I always think bagged teas are much easier to use. People can select their own specific kind. I know places like Teavana have some really incredible blends, and if you have a few of those that are favorites of yours have them sitting to the side so that you can have people try them out, plus, it would make for a fantastic decoration! Some of my faves….

3. Decorate

Decorating is definitely something that I love to do. No matter what I am decorating if I am able to. I love tea parties because it is a perfect time to be more feminine than you usually are. Think how wonderful the tea party scene is in Alice in Wonderland. You can recreate that, it will be great! Depending on the season, the occasion, or even the location, you can select a color scheme that is perfect for party. Party Ark has some fantastic options as far as decorations go. They are on the pricier side, but the quality cannot be beat, as well as the unique designs. For example, they even have a Liberty of London theme available right now. I think that would be pretty fantastic for a tea party. There is always very basic color options that are available at your local shops. I think a mismatched tea party is fantastic, and adds to the whimsy that I always feel when I have tea parties, so don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Hosting a party may seem daunting, but with just a little research, you are able to create a great gathering for you and your friends/family. Do you have any tips on hosting parties, or do you have a favorite kind of tea? Let me know down below!



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