College 101: Planners

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Hey, Hey, Hey! Since school is right around the corner, I decided to start a series to help get you (my favorite internet person) ready to go for this coming semester. I have spent a good amount of time in college, so I am pretty good and things that are useful tips, and things that are just fluff. I am going to tell you about my personal favorite thing….planners.


If your educational institutes have been anything like mine, they have always provided us with small pocket planners. I am insanely OCD about scheduling things, so I always had to go out and purchase another one. Plus, my handwriting is so large that I could barely right the word “the”. So what are my three reasons to get a planner? Find out!

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  1. Those classes add up girl! I was fortunate enough to have a major which did not require a lot of work outside of just the in class lectures, but you will have those professors who will give you busy work, and they don’t care if you have other classes. Having a planner is a great way to stay on top of your assignments. Especially online classes, those can really sneak up on you, and next thing you know, you are three assignments down. Been there! Most professors will give you a chance to turn in some things, but they definitely won’t let it become a habit for you. You can learn to balance your classes along with your work schedule, and any of your social events.
  2. There are so many ways to customize your planner now! In addition to how many different decorations there are, there are also a million different ways to actually go about the actual designing of your planner. You can really customize yours to your own personality. I am a tradition “write things down and cross them out” kind of person, so I cannot give you any tips on that, but there are some amazing ladies out in the internet world.
  3. Did I mention that there are so super cute planners out there? You can find one that just fits your personality, and keep it normal on the inside. A lot of planners have some really organized and amazing interiors, and even some that you can complete choose yourself. You can really customize a planner to your needs. Work or school, there is something out there for you.

Since I said something about cute planners, here are some super adorable ones!


I have been using a Jumbo Lilly planner for years, and it has gotten me through everything I need. There are a ton of extra features to really keep you organized, as well as a ton of room so that you are able to write everything down. They come in these really fun designs as well. If loud and bright is not your thing, then I think the Fringe Studio planner may be up your alley. This is a small one that is designed to fit into your handbag. The Lilly one that I have is about the size of a standard notebook, definitely not purse size! I would not be much of a blogger if I did not mention haha. Their products are all over stock photos and social media. In addition to being useful in your life, they also make great photo props! Double duty!

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  • Separate classes with different colors
  • Post-it notes and Stick flags will be your new best friends!
  • Plan ahead! Fill in your agenda when you get your schedule
  • Include study time in your planner, you’re more likely to do it!
  • Keep track of your work schedule so you know your hours


The most important thing is to find out what works best for you! Planning is meant to help you, so let it! It will help you be more successful in your every day life, plus, it is great to have that skill in the future! What are your planning tips? Do you have a certain planner you cannot live without?




  1. I always buy a planner at the beginning of the school year and i’m so excited to use it but then 2 weeks later i can’t even locate it. I want to use it but i just forget to and i often tell myself that i don’t to write things down because i won’t forget. WRONG!
    I just realized how plain all the planners i have had are. I’m gonna check out those cute jumbo lilly planners and get one. Hopefully that will make me actualy use the planner. Great post! Very informative.

    Yvanne |

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