Body Positivity & My Tips

For years I have had a very slim body. I would attribute that to my years of being an athlete, but it is most likely genetics. Up until I was in my mid 20’s, I could not gain weight, and it did not matter what I ate, drank, or even did. Once I hit my late twenties, things really changed with my body. Today, I am talking about how I grew to love the body I have, not a memory.

  1. Don’t Compare Yourself: Usually, we think of comparing ourselves to other people. I think something that goes under the radar and really breaks us down is comparing ourselves to who we used to be. While cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago, I had to get rid of some clothes that I really loved simply because they did not fit, or did not compliment my body anymore. I have a lot of memories of women keeping clothing as a sort of motivational tool to lose weight or tone their body which seems to never work. I may have been slimmer in my past, but who is to say my body isn’t good and healthy? I feel mentally and physically better at my current status than I ever have before. Majority of my weight has gone to regular fatty areas (if you know what I mean!) which has increased the size of both of those areas, which is not too bad.
  2. You Can Still Eat: I think a huge misconception is when people think because you gained some weight you need to begin to diet. I have had a terrible diet in the past, which probably attributed to my weight gain. I honestly have not changed the way I ate until very recently. Instead of buying foods that are easily cooked, I always go ahead and get food that I must prepare, which actually makes things much more fun. Find some great recipes online or in magazines, and try them out. You would be surprised what you can whip up in your own house that is not only healthy, but delicious. Plus, eating is so much fun!
  3. Take Care of Yourself: While I am happy that I have gained weight, we all need to remember that drastic changes in weight can have a pretty serious impact on our overall health. Especially if we are not active in some way. I recently got an exercise bike for my apartment so that I can do some physical activity every day without having to commit to a running program, or a gym membership that I am not likely to use. When you’re eating make sure you are getting your daily vitamins as well!

Any body type is perfect, as long as you keep your overall health in mind. Don’t focus on the weight, the un-toned muscles, and really take an interest in your health. Lay off the sodas, and indulge in some healthier options which can offer just as much flavor. What are your tips for loving your body? Let me know!

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