Binge Watch Party: The Hills

binge watch the hills

Good evening everyone (or morning/night/midday/whenever)! If we are anywhere near the same age, you most likely watched The Hills or Laguna Beach. You hated Heidi, wished you were as tan as Audrina, and thought Justin Bobby was so fine (yet so mean). Call me a weirdo, but I watch this entire series about twice a year. I loved the heck out of this show, and would smash some trivia game on The Hills. Since this is one of my favorite programs, I decied that I would share my love of it with you, and hopefully get you to start watching it! Or possibly just watch it all over!

  1. Lauren Conrad was life y’all. You know this. We were so pumped when her “RTW” line was at Kohl’s, and when we found out she was writing books, we were all over it too. Plus, who can forget this iconic moment? I still wear non-waterproof mascara so that I can have this dramatic moment in my life one day. In addition to her side braids, head scarves, ever changing black convertible, and her ability to perfectly iron a skirt with her flat iron, she was just like us. Although she was this famous person, she was going through the same crap that we all had to go through, but she looked way better doing it.

2 I mean, we knew about a f***boy before we KNEW about them. We saw so many guys on here treat girls like crap, and although they sometimes crawled back, we still were able to learn how a guy should treat you, and how they should not treat you. It is kind of fun to go back and see all of the craziness that happened with Brody, Justin, Spencer, and Jason. We all wanted to date Brody, so do not even lie. They also had the best breakups on this show, so we can all learn something from this! Take notes people!

3. How many friend fights were on this show? I honestly could not tell you. Scripted or not, there were things on this show that actually have happened to me in my own life, or I have experienced them through someone else. Lauren had a lot of great advice when it came to why you should or should not keep someone in your life, and she did it in a way that was pretty much the kindest way possible. We all know she wanted to rip Heidi’s extensions out. Don’t like to yourself.

4. Literally, the queen of everything on earth…Kristin Cavallari. I could not stand her on Laguna Beach, but when she came on The Hills….wooooo girl, I have never been so happy. I still identify with Kristin to this day. I love a girl that takes no crap, and does it without feeling the need to impress anyone. I have to say, her emotions towards the end of the series over Brody were painful. We all have been there, and even a BA woman like her gets caught up in her feelings, but now look at her in real life…married to a quarterback, adorable kids, and a good book that you should definitely check out.

5. Whenever Heidi would open her mouth, Audrina would lie about Justin Bobby, or Stephanie would say “you’re going down”, we all had the same feelings. Over it. The Hills is something I love because it is just so ridiculous. It is something I cannot get bored of. I watch it when I am taking bubble baths, traveling, playing the sims, doing homework, cleaning….basically all the time. We still are not 100% sure if the show was real or not, but one thing is for sure. For about five years, we were in LA with the gang and loved it.




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