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Before I entered the blogging world, Youtube was the only thing that I knew about the internet world. I would get so excited to watch new videos of my favorite people, and it honestly would make my day much better. The people who I choose to watch have definitely changed over the years, but my love for watching videos has not. So who am I watching? Let’s find out my five favorites!

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In my views of a “Beauty Guru”, I think that Nicole really fits this category the best. Her makeup is always flawless, and she can convince me to buy pretty much anything. She even owns her own brand which I have heard amazing things about, and she uses constantly, so it must be pretty good to live up to her standards. Her vlogs are perfect, and she just seems like a real person, and definitely someone who is not afraid to be herself, which I can fully get behind.

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I really cannot stand working out, and I have a hard time dedicating my time to doing it. Cassey is the queen of Blogilates, and makes workouts easy and fun. Plus, they are short, so you cannot get burnt out. The moves are effective, and you can pretty much feel them immediately after you do them. Her website is full of amazing resources including workout calendars to get you started. Be sure to check out the Pop Pilates series which puts workouts together with your favorite radio jams!

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I am pretty sure that everyone on the internet knows who Zoe is. Not only is she the most influential female Youtuber with over 10 million subscribers, but she also has a beauty range, books, and a ton of friends who you are probably watching too. It took me a long time to get around to watching her, but one Vlogmas happened, and it changed everything. She has this amazing drive which has allowed her to complete all of the amazing things that she has accomplished this far.Her vdieos are actually quite lengthy, so I feel like I am getting really great quality videos instead of something that was thrown together. She also deals a lot with the negative side of being a content creator, and discusses her views and opinions which I love.

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I started watching Marissa based off of another youtuber. I used to watch Meghan Rienks all the time, but then slowly stopped. This year, Marissa has made this positive life change, and really focused on her own spirituality and energies. This is also something that I have put forth in my own life, and it is great to see someone else going through the same thing. As she has said in the past, there are parts of her life that have not been perfect, and rather difficult. I can relate to some of these issues, and it is nice to have someone to watch who loves to travel. Plus, I am pretty sure we could be friends! Also, her style is exactly what my style is.

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If you are an OG beauty watcher, then you know all about Luxy Hair Extensions. Started by Mimi and her sister, it was a luxury hair extension brand. A couple years later, they went off into their own little channels. Mimi does these incredible travel videos, which a lot of places that she goes with her husband Alex are literally GOALS. Did I mention that her husband is the most amazing cameraman? Pay attention Ryan! Learn something! She does the normal videos that you would expect from a beauty guru too, but seriously, watch those travel vlogs! Mimi lives this insanely positive lifestyle, and also really watches what goes into her body as well. Plus, she just announced her pregnancy, and is the cutest pregnant woman on Earth. Her outfits are seriously always on point too, just amazing.

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There are definitely more people that I watch on a daily basis (Looking at you Pointlessblogvlogs!), but these five are people I have watched for a long time, and truly respect what they create, as well as who they are in terms of Ladybosses!.Who are your favorite Youtubers to watch? If you watch any of these amazing ladies, then what is your favorite video of theirs?



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