$5 Dollar Stationary Haul

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If you are a fellow Targetier like I am, then you know the danger that is the small dollar section at the front of the store. I think the most expensive thing in that entire section is maybe $5, I could be wrong, don’t crucify me, haha. While I was attempting to just causally go buy some cute straws which are always available in that section, I saw the stationary section. So, what did I get?


I am someone who never really needed stationary. I just would use any random piece of paper around me, or my phone. You should see the note section on my phone. It is actually embarrassing. Since I began blogging, I have actually had reasons to write things down, haha. When I first began, I made a blogging binder to keep all of my information in, which I still use to this day. With my recent move, I actually have almost sort of an office, which is something I never thought I needed, but I did. Since all of this stuff was adorable and kinda my style, I picked it up! Duh!

  1. “Psst” Notepad: $1
  2. “This Week” Mousepad: $1 (It is just a notepad, don’t let it fool you!)
  3. “Take Note” Notepad : $1
  4. “Wake up and be awesome” Journal: $3 (I mean, it is Tennessee orange…)
  5. 5 pack of quirky pencils: $1

Like I said, did I need it? No. Did I want it and justify it because it is so cheap? Yes, yes I did. In addition to actually being practical for every day, they make great props for your flat lays too! I love when things have the ability to multitask like I do. Stationary is always one of those things I have been passionate about, but had no actual reason to have any, so I am way more excited about this than I ever should be. This is going to be a really annoying hobby, I can already see that. Plus I live literally two minutes away from a Target….yeah. Dangerous.

Did I mention they also do seasonal stationary? I cannot wait for Halloween and Christmas. I am going to write everything. What are your favorite places to get stationary? Share your office goals down below, we all have them!













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