27 things I learned in 27 years

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Well, it finally happened. I turned twenty-seven, and I am actually in my late twenties now. For some reason, I never thought it would happen, haha. This is one of the first birthdays that actually feels different to me. I woke up and felt old, haha. Although I did not have any birthday celebrations this year, I think there is always a great deal to learn about yourself. Sometimes you just need to spend your day with just you. So what are my top 27 things? Let’s find out.


  1. Your mom was right, you don’t need to be out past 12am. Just go home.
  2. Focusing on your future will get you so much farther than living in the moment.
  3. You should have learned to fill in your eyebrows at an early age, life changed.
  4. Watch Food Network, but try and learn how to cook. You’ll get hungry soon.
  5. Traveling the world is the most important thing you can do.
  6. Go for your dreams, what is the worst that can happen?
  7. Do not drink and drive, under any circumstances. EVER.
  8. Friends may move, but they will always be there.
  9. Just because it is your birthday does not mean it’s all about you.
  10. Some people are ignorant, and there is no point in arguing with them.
  11. Pokemon is still just as amazing as it was in 1995.
  12. Gaining weight is not a bad thing, you will look amazing.
  13. Spend money on classic and high quality products.
  14. Everyone watches Youtube videos, do not feel weird about that, haha.
  15. Just because friends drift away does not mean they forgot you.
  16. If somewhere is not making you happy, GTFO.
  17. Sometimes your family will give you the best advice, and as much as it sucks, listen.
  18. Travel can help you find out who you really are, and maybe where you want to be.
  19. You can actually make amazing friends offline, I love mine so far!
  20. The most important thing a blogger needs is a foamboard.
  21. Small town people have small town opinions. Keep yours to yourself sometimes.
  22. You aren’t the only person in a relationship. Stop acting like it.
  23. Time will tell you who needs to be in your life. Just ride it out.
  24. You really do need to try on clothes before you buy them. Stop being lazy.
  25. Everyone has a different path. Make sure to accept yours.
  26. Halloweentown is still the sh*t.
  27. The only person you need is you.


While I am entering the most dangerous year of my life (all the greats die at 27!), I am entering it with a new outlook on life. I have put a lot of negative events in my past, and starting in a positive environment to live the life I want to. I encourage all of you to start living this sort of life, and it does not have to be your birthday. It can be any time. Positivity is a way of life, let’s all hop on it.



















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