2016 Favorites!

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2016 is over, but also….not too upset about that year being behind us! I have loved a lot of things this year, and honestly, I cannot put them all into one post. I don’t think my fingers can type that much! I have had a lot of great trips with some amazing people, and I am definitely looking forward to the plans that I have for this year as well. Anyway, on to some things I loved!

  1. “#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso: If you didn’t know, I am actually coming up on the one year anniversary of Ashlee Liz! Add that as a favorite! I had heard a lot of amazing things about this book, and to be honest, I am not a big reader. Once I picked up this book, I couldn’t put it down. It is one of the most motivating things that I have had the pleasure of reading, and definitely gave me the kick I needed to push towards my own personal goals and dreams. If you are starting out on a new adventure, or just need some motivation, then this is definitely the thing to read.
  2. Kate Spade “Make Magic Rabbit”: I mean, hello. This thing is adorable. It is completely out of season right now, but once spring rolls around, this will basically be attached to me. I am pretty standard in how I dress, but when it comes to bags, I really love something that is unique and quirky as I seem to be. This has adorable gold details, cute pink ears, and a big fluffy tail on the back. It is smaller than my traditional Cedar Street bag that I love, but still fits a decent amount of things inside of it.
  3. Lush “Sleepy”: This is actually my first lotion from Lush, and we all know that I am quite the obsessed bath taker. This is an interesting favorite of mine because I usually cannot stand the smell of lavender. This honestly smells like the most beautiful lavender cupcake. This is limited edition, so I would stock up on it before the beginning of the year is over!
  4. Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Supercharged Foundation: I have actually done a full review on this which you can find right here. After years of being attached to my NARS Sheer Glow, I took a leap of faith based off of some blogs and Youtube videos and tried it out. It applies beautifully no matter what tool I use to apply it, stays on all day, and is incredibly lightweight to wear as well.
  5. Lush “Intergalactic”: I swear, if you are ever hungover, or just having a rough day then pop one of these in. It is laced with peppermint and really invigorates the senses. Also, this makes one of the most gorgeous baths. I mean, anything that is based off of Chris Pratt cannot be bad, can it? I didn’t think so either.
  6. Navy velvet boots: These were a gift from my aunt, and I am pretty much obsessed. Not only do these feed into my love for heeled boots this year, which is just a favorite overall, but also feeds into my love for velvet. They are on the taller side, and a little more than I can handle in some circumstances, but I adore them so much.
  7. Glamglow Supermud: Okay, I have heard about this stuff for years, and to be honest, I stayed clear for a long time. I am pretty much obsessed with this right now. If you have problematic skin that is stubborn, then honestly, try this. It has completely changed my skincare routine, and I am buzzing over it and have been for a while!
  8. Lush “Lord of Misrule”: THIS FREAKING SCENT. I am beyond obsessed, and if they sell anything with this scent, you can bet your buns that I own it. It is this gorgeous warm and spicy scent that just reminds me of fall and winter, and those are both my favorite seasons. Plus, it is this really awesome green color! Oh, and the bath bomb ends up as this gorgeous wine color (even though it totally looks like blood).
  9. Chloe “Roses de Chloe”: Okay, so, I have this thing for more mature smelling scents, or so I have been told. A fun fact about me is that I truly detest roses as a flower, but holy cow, do I love how they smell. While it obviously is floral by nature, there is a slight musk that keeps it from going to the crazy side of florals. I always have a new scent every year, and this may have to be repeated in the next few years. Plus, the bottle is gorgeoussss!

What are your favorite things of 2016? Let me know down below!

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