Why I chose to make my blog a hobby instead of a job

For most of us bloggers, it is a complete dream to be able to be a full time blogger. To get to try the newest products and go on amazing adventures, who wouldn’t want that? But when does reality set in? Of course when I began this blog about a year ago that was my end goal, not necessarily to get paid, but defintely to have a great audience and be known for some great content. Around June of last year, the desire for acknowledgement died down, and now here we are. Here are my reasons for choosing to continue to blog even though I may not be reaping any benefits.

I have always been into the blogging/vlogging community. I have read blogs for as long as I can remember, and I have been subscribed to some Youtubers longer than I have been friends with some people in my life. I have loved seeing my fellow content creators be successful and continue to grow. In my own life, I was dealing with important real life situations which prevented me from being able to put my full focus on my blog. Most people would potentially feel bad about giving up on a dream, but who is to say that I am giving up anything? This has allowed me to not feel the pressure to create content, and allows me back the creative freedom that I was given when this first came about.

I definitely am continuing to blog because I love it, and I love having an outlet as I have said. I want to lean more on the lifestyle side of my blog, and create it more personal which I feel like it has not been in quite a while. In a recent #thegirlgang chat on twitter, we talked about branding and I realized that I am not portraying myself on this website, and what is the point of having this if it is not me? I recently did my 2017 blogging goals, but I think this post is my main goal. I want you to be able to understand who I am, not just another site of the same things that you always read. not only is this change for me, but it is also for you, my reader.

Hopefully you are just as excited as I am about this change in the blog, and I hope that you are going to stick around, and hey, let’s actually get to talking and be friends. Positivity is something the world needs right now, and I definitely am making that transition in my life.


    1. Thanks so much! It makes blogging fun for me instead of seeming like something I absolutely have to do. I feel like it improves the quality of what I put out too!

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