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Skincare is really important to me. I am always trying to find the perfect product for my skin. Like most people who are into beauty, I do not mind doing five skincare steps before going to bed. If anything, it is a calming ritual, and a great way to start getting ready for sleep. From where I had Birchbox for so long, I have a basket of products I have never tried. I recently dug into that basket, and pulled out some products to try. I am going to introduce you to three products that flew under my radar, but now are staples in my weekly skincare routine.


Birchbox is product junkie’s dream. Every month you get samples of products you would not have tried otherwise. Winning! Personally, my skincare needs have really changed since I first became interested in taking care of my skin. I have spent years trying products, and realizing not everything works. Sometimes they make it worse! These three products in particular are masks/treatments which have properties in not only skin “resurfacing”, but also have many properties that help with anti-aging.

Top: Re:P Bio Fresh Face Mask Middle: REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Bottom: RC 3 Minute Peel

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This is the one I was most concerned about, haha. I know that when I hear the word “peel” in terms of skincare, I always get nervous. Is this made properly? Is my face going to melt off like the Nazi soldier in Indiana Jones? What if this gets in my eye? These are all normal concerns I have. What goes on in my mind? I have no idea. This was the last of the three products I tried, but this is my absolute favorite. I am going to have to order a full size ASAP. This is not a mask, so please please please remember that! This is a protein peel, and this is going to take off dead skin cells that are just hanging out on your face. I have never tried a product like this, so it is a little different. Once you apply the product, you massage it gently into your skin, and eventually solids will start to form underneath your fingertips. It is wild, but extremely satisfying!


Just cleanse your skin, apply the product, massage for 3 minutes, cleanse again, and rinse. Super easy. They company actually says to use this in the shower, but I have been using it while I have just been washing my face in the sink, and I have gotten the results that are expected. My skin has been incredibly bright and glowing since I used it. Not to mention soft as a baby’s bottom. You can see more about this product and other products at


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This was definitely my number one favorite, but it was also the first one I tried. I am far more comfortable with glycolic type products, and they are something I have used for years. This is a pretty perfect product for summer due to the ingredients. It contains glycolic acid from pineapples (YAS), lactic acid from passion fruit, citric acid from lemon, and tartaric acid from grapes. It is like sticking your face in a fruit salad. According to the website, this helps with removal of dead skin, resurfacing, texture, firmness, pore size, discolorations, scars, and sun damage! The last one is a big deal to me since I had a pretty bad case of sun poisoning that happened a few months ago on my face. I have to say that after one use, I felt like my skin was much tighter, and had the youth pushed back into it. The removal of dead skin cells has really helped me have a much better application with my makeup, and has actually reduced the amount I have had to wear all together.


Use it just like any other mask. Apply to a clean face and just leave it on for 10 minutes. Stinging may occur due to the acids in the product, and I always test things like this on the inside of my wrist or very bottom of my jawline before applying it all over my face. you never know what could happen! Once your ten minutes is up, just rinse off with warm water and you are ready to go.

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Finally we have a clay mask, which I am sure we are all used to. If you aren’t then hold on. Clay masks are great for detoxifying your skin and removing any excess oils and gunk. I found out about clay masks whenever I was younger. I had a lot of blemishes and skin irritation, and my friend told me about them, and I always keep at least one clay mask on hand for any emergencies that may arise. This product in particular contains Kaolin clay which is known for it’s ability to absorb oils pretty seriously. Unlike most clay masks, this also helps to exfoliate and hydrate as well as really get down and clean out your pores. To be honest, I did have an issue with how dry my skin felt after I had the mask on. It could have been due to my cleanser I used before, or it may just be the general nature of the mask. Once I had the mask removed, I had no more issues with dryness at all, and my skin was feeling soft like the product claims.


Just like every other clay mask, use after cleansing your skin. Since there are dried herbs in the mask that are the exfoliating bits, massage this in for a few minutes and then leave it on to work it’s magic for about ten. Trust me, if your skin is like mine, ten minutes will be long enough. Just rinse off and go about with the rest of your skincare routine.

Have you gotten any amazing skincare products out of your Birchbox? As you know, I am always on the lookout for new products, so let me know if you have any favorites! If you are reading this from the US, happy Fourth of July, and be safe out there!

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