September Traffic Report


Happy October everyone! Aside from us finally being in fall (even though it is still a million degrees in the south), we are in one of my favorites months of the entire year! It is a month of gorgeous colors, some huge games for my Tennessee Vols, and of course, the best holiday ever! Halloween! Before we get the ball rolling this month, let’s talk about our traffic last month, and things we can improve on for this month!



Monthly Page Views: 772 (-1039 from last month *ouch*)

Sessions: 630 (-527 from last month)

Subscribers: 26

Domain Authority: 21

Page Authority: 32 (+1 from last month!)


Twitter: 1,884 (+46 from last month)

Facebook: 84 (+17 from last month)

Pinterest: 728 (+13 from last month)

Instagram: 955 (+16 from last month)

Bloglovin: 592 (+5 from last month)

Since school kicked off this past month, I have not had much extra time. I am working on figuring out a way to manage my time so that the blog does not get ignored like it did this month. Even social media was nowhere near the growth I have seen in recent months, and not many posts went up, which helps to explain why my numbers are low all across the board.


whathaveibeenloving                waystobringtraffic

facebookgroups                canva.png


  1. Post at least three times a week on Instagram
  2. Get to 1000 followers on Instagram 
  3. Pin at least 10 pins per day on Pinterest
  4. Get to 800 followers on Pinterest
  5. Get back involved in Twitter Chats
  6. Finally hit 2000 followers on Twitter
  7. Scout out at least two more Facebook groups
  8. Reach 100 followers on Facebook
  9. Post at least 20 blog posts this month!
  10. Watch Halloweentown EVERY SINGLE DAY!



    1. That’s great! I think it is the best way to really see what is going on with my posts and what my audience responds the most to. Thanks so much for reading!

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