May Traffic Report

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Happy June everyone! Know why I love June? Because it means it is almost my birthday! Hopefully everything went well in May, and that you passed all of your classes (if you are in school, that is). If you are new, let’s talk about why I do these even though I am a small blog. Honestly, it is just a tool of motivation I use to ensure that I am growing my brand, and it really helps me see what I am doing right or wrong. Not much else, haha. Let’s go ahead and get into the stats, right? Right.I definitely did not see the normal amount of traffic that I have (which still is not a ton), but there are “valid” reasons as to why that happened.

  1.  I have been in Europe for two weeks, and am horrible at pre-planning blog posts. My own personal demon, haha.
  2. I did not post nearly as much as I did the other months.
  3. Even when I was home, May was an extremely busy month for me. Real world issues are the absolute worst.

I have been more active on social media (follow me there!), which was a main goal from March, and April as well. I am extremely chatty, haha. To be fair, anytime anyone reads my blog I am thankful. I am just happy that someone stumbled across it and took the time to read it. I make no money off of this blog, so I really just do it for fun and as an outlet.

Monthly Page Views: 1,045 (-46%)

Unique Monthly Views: 580 (-87%)

Took a significant blow this month in terms of page views, but like I said, I did not post nearly as much. I am almost every day blogger, so it is weird for me to not have new content coming out right now. I just literally do not have the time to do it while I am sludging through the dirty streets of Paris (bad blogger, I know). Don’t worry, some pretty cool posts coming soon! Now let’s talk social media…

Twitter: 1090 (+75%)

Facebook: 31 (0%)

Pinterest: 566 (+75%)

Instagram: 542 (+68%)

Bloglovin: 384(+80%)

Although I did not have the content, I was still able to grow my social media profiles, so I am very happy about that. I love being able to talk to you guys, it motivates me more than anything I could ever do. Like always, I am still struggling with facebook, but I am very happy that my pinterest and instagram are slowly beginning to grow. I have finally found a plan that works for my insta and have been loving the way that it looks. Yay!

The only goal I met from last month was getting to 1000 followers on Twitter (which I am always on, so let’s be friends! Other than that, all goals will remain the same, and hopefully I can get my butt into gear and produce some results!



  • Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter
  • Work on growing my Facebook Page
  • Reach 1,000 followers on Pinterest (Maybe? That’s some pretty big growth)
  • Reach 1,000 followers on Instagram (lots of Europe grams y’all!)
  • Reach 1,000 followers on Bloglovin

Keep an eye out for my travel series that will be coming in just a few days, and I will see you guys soon!








3 Bath Shops.png


  1. Preplanning posts content will be the death of me! it looks like you are growing regardless though which is awesome! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

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