Lush Haul: March 2016

lush haul march 20163

Hello again my dear friends, I decided to fight the ridiculous traffic here in Nashville, and visit Lush. Thankfully, the girls at the Green Hills location are amazing, and always willing to help you with whatever you need. For someone like me, I know what I want, I basically have a target on them, and add them to my basket in one quick trip around the store. So let’s see the stuff, right?! Right!


The Sacred Truth is a lifesaver for skin. It is one sacred truth maskof those face masks that you put into the fridge because, guess what, it is fresh! Am I old? No. Am I still worried about aging? Absolutely. This mask is jam-packed full of some amazing ingredients such as, linseed, eggs, shea butter, wheat grass, papaya, green tea, and ginseng root. I know, it is a ton of amazing things in one pot. If you are not concerned about aging, this is still super awesome for dry skin. What are the highlight? The papaya!  This fresh fruit helps to brighten and tone your skin, and it is glowing season, perfect! The only down side is that you can only purchase these in store, so hopefully you have one near you. If not, make a friend, and have them overnight that to you! I am kidding, but seriously. If you have not used one of these, let me tell you how it works. Obviously, put it on your face…then wait about ten minutes, do not let this dry completely. I have never experienced what happens, but if they say that, it cannot be good. As far as smell goes, herbal is the name of the game. It smells super organic, which I mean, it is a fresh mask. This is my third container of this, and I will always recommend it to newbies. This ran be about 10 dollars, so it is definitely affordable too!

which came first bath bomb I am a huge fan of Lush and their seasonal treats, I will go out of my way just to ensure that I get my hands on the good stuff! This is Which Came First, and it is a pretty cool bath bomb. Best thing? You can use this baby three times! This has a pretty awesome combination of citrus oils, as well as some vanilla oils. Depending on which part you use, you can have yellow or blue stripes, but overall, it will be pink. AND BOY, does this thing fizz! This is pretty much exploding like crazy in your bath. This is an Easter special, so make sure to get it while it is still around! This is available in stores, as well as online, so you have no excuse!

ultraviolet bubble bar


This is one of my favorite bubble bars of all time! Meet Ultraviolet. Not only does this smell freaking amazing, it also creates some amazing bubbles, AND makes your water this beautiful blue color. This is basically the brother to Brightside, so if you are a fan of that, try this dude out. This has this amazing mix of violet, ylang ylang, and jasmine, but definitely is not overpowering, so have no fear! If you are not a fan of florals, I would pass this up, but it is so nice! This is a whole lot bigger than most other bubble bars, so you can really get a “bubble” for your buck. Twelve bucks for multiple baths? Sign me up!

intergalactic bath bombI have had a long obsession with Lush, people who know me know this to be true, and I have no shame about it. I have spent a large amount of “research” on the bath bombs. This is without a doubt my favorite bath bomb EVER. Not only does this smell like a sexy clean man, it makes the most beautiful bath. This has a great smell of peppermint, vetivert, and cedarwood. It also turns the water into this super awesome blue with this crazy things that happens which makes it look like clouds are in your bath, I don’t know, it is magic. This store does something magical to their product. The neon makes some cool swirls in your bath, and has candy in it. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Diets are for nerds. According to my girl in the store, this was inspired by Starlord from “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and I mean…Chris Pratt is life. So why wouldn’t I love this bath bomb? This also is amazing in the fact that you can spread this between multiple baths. I tell my boyfriend about this bath bomb constantly, and I am have tempted to run him a bath, and stick him in it. Maybe he will turn into Chris Pratt? A girl can dream, but at least he would smell incredible.


Let it go girl, and get in the tub. Frozen bath bomb has frozen bath bomblanded at Lush, and she is as pretty as Elsa herself. Like the amazing movie, this has a beautiful show of shimmer, blue, and silver. Pretty much just like the bath bomb itself. This features grapefruit, rose oil, and neroli. Once again, my girl said this has the same smell as the Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, which is probably amazing, but I have not ventured into the Lush hair line yet, but maybe I will? Probably. This is new to me, so I will  have to update you on how it goes, but I definitely won’t be disappointed, it is Lush…


bunch of carrots bubble barThis adorable little thing is the reason I actually left the house and went today. Meet your new favorite thing to look at, Bunch of Carrots. Not only is this the cutest thing ever, it is also amazing. These are different than other bubble bars in the fact that you just place it in running water, and then let it all dry until next time. This smells like buchu, lemon, and grapefruit oils, and is good for multiple baths. Like Which Came First, this is seasonal! So hop on over and pick this up for your mom, aunt, grandma, kids, friends, neighbors, or heck, even your favorite Lush girl, I am sure she loves it too!






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