Lipstick that sticks!

Rimmel Provocalips

Okay…maybe not the grandmother, but pretty darn close! I am not entirely sure when these released, but I definitely remember seeing them in my second home (AKA: Target) around this time last year. My hometown is under a rock, so honestly, they could have been out since the dawn of time, and I still would think they were new. So let’s get down to the details of dare I say, the best drugstore liquid lipstick out there!We all know the crazy hype around liquid lipsticks. Especially with everyone from Anastasia Beverly Hills to Jeffrey Star to Kylie Jenner making the product, it is most likely here to stay. Don’t get me wrong, I am too pumped about it! I love wearing a bold lip, but I like to not have to constantly check on it. So, when I find one that stays….we basically get married. For the price of this ($7 – $8 bucks!) it is insane. The major keys (thanks DJ Khaled) are as follows…

  1. This stuff DOES NOT MOVE! Seriously, sometimes I have to legitimately scrub it off of my lips, but hey, I don’t mind that! The product itself claims to be “kiss proof” as well as being 16 hour wear! You can ask my boyfriend, it definitely stays on. Thanks to the super awesome top coat that is!
  2. Speaking of the top coat…I sometimes use it as a lip balm, because it is that great! Not only does it help seal in the staying power of the lipstick, but it hydrates as it does it! It keeps you from looking like you rubbed red velvet crumbs all over your face. If you care about smell, it smells good too? Haha
  3. The actual opacity is pretty solid too, and did I mention it was buildable? Because it is! With ten different shades, I am sure you’ll find something that you are into. Let’s keep it going, shall we?

The two colors I have are Kiss Fatal and Play With Fire


This is product is a two parter. Step 1 is the product itself, and Step 2 is the that bomb balm (you’re welcome for that) that I was talking about earlier. The one huge thing I have to say is make sure you let the lipstick dry before you apply the balm. I learned this the hard way…story time! I initially bought the lighter red color, because if Taylor Swift wears red lips, you can bet on your grandma’s pie that I am going to wear it too. (That lighter red is called Kiss Me You Fool, and you need it. Perfect red.) The story is that if you don’t wait for the lipstick to dry, then when you apply the balm, something weird happens. They kind of combine, and turn into this crazy peel off situation. Now, I know that peel off is hype now? Right? I am going to have to pass for now…


Swatches are still cool, right? I enjoy them, so we are doing it! Not on my lips though, because they are too small, and pretty pigmented, but my skin is basically a sheet of paper, haha. Pale Problems. The first picture shows just one layer of the lipstick, but hey! still awesome! If I am just doing something casual, I will wear one layer, and it definitely wears just as amazing as if I did two. I do two for going out, or for some sort of special occasion, or if I am very in-tune with my Khloe Kardashian. Plus, it makes your lips look bigger (it may be my ability to overdraw, thanks society!), and really fills them in. Way cheaper than lip injections (and safer, duh!)

Have you tried this product? If so, let me know your favorite shade! As they say, “Do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick, and don’t let boys be mean to you”. Until next time!



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