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Instagram is pretty much the way of the future. Almost every article I read is talking about how it is the number one social media, and something along the lines of 60% of all social media are pictures. That’s kind of a lot if you ask me. I am going to show you my favorite app to edit my photos, and even which features I use all the time. Plus some more tricks and tips along the way.


Personally, I am not a great photographer. I wish I was, but let’s face it, I am not. So for people like me, and possibly you if you are reading this, we gotta have some help to get our Instagram on point. For the longest time I never edited my photos. I thought that throwing a filter on an Instagram picture was editing. Boy was I wrong. Luckily, after some pretty intense internet research, I was able to find one app that actually had all of the features that I wanted, and was easy for someone who is clueless like me. Before you ask, nope, not sponsored at all. Just honestly enjoy this editing program. Let’s move on…..

The app that I am referring to is called Aviary. This is backed by Adobe (think Photoshop, hello!), and contains all of the features that I personally need. I am going to show you kind of  a behind-the-scenes look at how I do photos for blog posts or on instagram. Kinda a two for one, you’re welcome. Happy Unbirthday!

The first picture you see is what opens up when you select a photo. The icons at the bottom are different categories in which to edit your photo. Personally, my main destination is the “Adjust” category. It allows me to enhance my photo, but still keep the integrity and it look as least pixilated as possible. In addition to the features contained in that category (we are gonna talk about them in a minute, hold on!) I love the whiten feature on this app. It is amazing for flat lays, or anything where you need the white to pop off the screen. The middle photo is the bulk of what I use, so what do they do?

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This is an images ability to reflect light. It pretty much brightens up the picture, which I am pretty sure we all want. Brightening is the main editing I do, I just really enjoy the brightness (good one Ash). Brightness deals a lot with the shades of the colors that are in your picture.

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Similar to Brightness, Exposure also has a lot to do with the light that is in your actual photograph. This is slightly different because it is the light per unit area in the photo. For those of you who are more involved in the video or just a different level of photography skills, this also has to do with shutter speed, scene light, and the type of lens you are using. Have a favorite Youtuber who has pretty bright and light videos, they probably have that Exposure cranked up.

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A lifesaver. I know that every time I go and turn the Brightness or Exposure up, I always lose some of the color of whatever I am shooting. It can get pretty annoying. Basically, this is the way I can get the subject matter to pop after being lightened. It in some weird way brings back the color of it, but also enhancing the Brightness that I was trying to achieve.

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Pretty self explanatory, but it is the warm colors that are in your photos. I don’t really do anything with this particular feature expect turn the warmth of my photos down. It takes the yellow out of the any white background that I have. I am also just partial to cooler tones in general, so don’t hate me!

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This has to do with the full color of something. At 100%, the color is at the most true state. Enabling this feature helps to increase the vividness of your photos. Something that the first two features can sometimes compromise. Combining this with Contrast can be tricky. It is something that I have to go back and forth and fiddle with until it is to my liking.

If you saw my post about the free stock photos, then yay, did you download them? The above features I just discussed were huge factors in making those actually look decent.

Both of these were just taken with my normal iPhone 6. One was edited using Aviary, and the other was just the best natural lighting that nature could provide. I use a foamboard for my backgrounds, and it is insanely easy to lighten up and really make a clean white. It is pretty easy to use, and editing my photos takes roughly fifteen minutes for everything. Obviously, other photos require more work, but hey, for editing on your phone, this is pretty decent!

Do you have any editing apps that you love? If you have tried Aviary, what are your tips?











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