Finding your Blog Tribe (+ Meet Mine!)


Uk Lush Haul(1)Since I am all about love and spreading it today, so, let’s talk about your community. First off, we all know how important networking is in any business, and guess what…your blog is your business girl, so get to it.

Blogging is not all about making money (but getting paid for your creativity is dope), it is about providing great content to your readers. If you don’t make your readers happy, guess what….no one is gonna read it, and it isn’t fun to write for your dog, they just don’t care (ask my dog Nugget,  who is under the blanket, wishing I would give her some of my quesadilla that I am eating). My favorite thing is thinking about what someone wants to read. I read blogs every day, no matter what I am doing. Heck, a blog made me start a blog!

Something I have noticed is my desire to stay inside and just blog, research, communicate, etc. It can definitely get lonely sitting in your room, which is why you need to find a Blog Tribe! Blog Tribe can mean a lot of different things. Here is what I consider one…a group of girls with common interests and building their brand while supporting each other. You know, like friends…duh, haha. I spend a ton of time on Twitter, and that is where I found my tribe. I received an email from Charline at about joining a group on Instagram for people within the same niche (that darn word…) to support and communicate. It has became a really great thing so far! I am going to introduce each one of my lovely new friends in just a minute. The little group helps us with information from someone who may or may not have experience, and they give us their tips! Pretty sweet deal! So, let me introduce you to them! (No specific order, they are all perfect!)


C photo about_zps8yjgatb1.pngharline & Kimmy from

These are the two ladies who began our little group! They are a lifestyle blog that features posts about everything! There are posts about food, events, books, tv, beauty, fashion, gosh, literally everything!  You can connect with them on a bunch of social media accounts. Can you imagine running your blog with your best friend who is as enthusiastic as you are? That is definitely a dream! Check out their newest post about Easter!



Eva from

Eva is from California (jealous, I feel your pain girl), and talks about fashion, healthy living, beauty, you know, the good stuff! She is on her way to becoming a certified Occupation Therapist (you go girl!) You can find her on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as Bloglovin. You can check out her post about macarons (yum!) right here!




Katelyn from

Coming from the great state of Oklahoma, she was born a writer! Like she said on her blog, she used to make cat magazines out of paper and sell them to her family members, haha. Ps: She has a REALLY cute cat! She posts about DIYs, beauty, and lifestyle topics. She is also on a ton of social media accounts, and she is super easy to find. She has a great post about “FOMO” that you should probably take a gander at! You can find that article right here!


 photo a7ed6707-6abc-4bb9-95a5-8882f141a8bd_zpsiophxd6k.jpg

Chelsea from

Chelsea is a fellow southerner! Hey neighbor! She works for Chick-fil-A, and I mean, that is awesome in itself! She posts about a ton of different things including food, events, beauty, and lifestyle topics, which are always my favorite to read. She is also on a ton of social media accounts, so she is everywhere. Also, she does social media for her company, so the girl knows what she is doing! Check out her post on the different side of social media!




Lauren from rosesandrainboots.comMy Photo

Meet Lauren, she does A TON of outfit posts, and she always looks completely adorable (jealous). Not only is her blog name adorable, but it is full of really great content, and even better photos! Oh, did I mention she has met the queen, Lauren Conrad. Being near her has to have some sort of magic effect, right? She is also super easy to find on social media. Check out her post about girl networks and friendship here!




Hannah from

Hannah is getting to live in New York, very very very jealous! She is a digital copywriter, and based on her about me…we may be best friends. Since her job involves writing…she is great! She does these amazing Neighborhood Guides for New York, so if you are traveling, check those out! I love blogs about cities because when you visit, you feel like a local and it is almost like going on a mini vacation from your own home! She also has great style, so be sure to check out her outfits! Hannah is also all over social media, so be sure to find her!

Savannah from

Savannah is another southerner! Holla! She is legit funny, just little thing she says on her blog are just so witty, and I love someone with a quick tongue, and who can make a joke. Make sure you read her about me, it is an awesome presentation of her personality (which is awesome!). She makes some great travel posts, and she has been to a lot of places in the US, so definitely worth looking at! She has a “Friday” series where she lists different things in short posts (such a good idea!). She is hopping on social media too! Check out her post about finals week, guaranteed to make you laugh!

The Face Behind the Blog

Alessia from

Last, but certainly not least we have Alessia! She is the baby of the group being only 17 (way to make me feel old! I’m kidding). She kicks in in Michigan, and is all about fashion. She is similar in the fact that she is also pretty darn funny. Just read her about me when you go to her page! Her page is stacked full of photos of outfits, and she makes sure she tells you where she got it from, which is always better than someone who just leaves it to your imagination (why you do this?!) If you are a fashion junkie, this is definetely someone who needs to be on your radar! Also, those eyebrows girl…yes Check out her post about NYFW Fall 2016! 

Geez! So many awesome people, haha. Joining this group has been my second favorite thing with my entire blogging journey. Obviously, starting the whole thing was my main favorite! I think when girls can come together and support each other, it is amazing. We so often see girls just being brought down or put up against others, and that definitely is not what we need. Keep your eyes peeled for collaborations (and maybe some giveaways) with these lovely women! Have you found your tribe? If not, you can always join us. We are fun I promise!



  1. Aw love, you JUST made my day. So happy to be apart of an awesome #squad so much energy, support and excitement. Loved reading this article xx, Lauren

    1. I think what Shia is saying is that Rosie – being a model – is used to being ordered what to do and to be compliant with that without qusneionitg anything. She does sound like the perfect fit for a Bay film then.

  2. I just came back to re-read this because I love it so much. Finding your tribe is so important in blogging and I’m so glad you are in mine! I read a quote last week that said “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” Love this!

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