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Hello again my darling friends! Hopefully you read my previous post about FHF Sundae Best, and you are back for some more exciting information about another fantastic face mask? I am going to introduce you to a fantastic exfoliating mask called Sand Your Ground!If you are looking for a face mask to really clarify and exfoliate your skin, then this is the one for you! This is meant to  really give you a fresh face, and take off the top layer of your skin that may not be benefiting you! You also have the ability to use this particular product two different ways. As an exfoliating treatment, or as a mask!

Smell: Just smells like clay, haha. Smells very earthy.

Texture: Pretty gritty. This is a pretty significant grain that the mask uses as an exfoliant. If you are into a soft exfoliation, then I am not sure this one would be for you. It is a more abrasive product, but definitely still useable.

Ingredients: Volcanic pumice, Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay which helps to absorb any toxins or bacteria that may be lying in your pores. Willow Bark is also in this product which helps with refreshing your skin after the exfoliation you just did on it. This is a vegan and a gluten free product!

To use this mask as an exfoliating treatment, just add water and scrub the product around in circular motions. I definitely advise being gentle at first to make sure that you do not hurt your skin. To use as a traditional face mask, just apply to your skin, and wait till the product is dry to wash it off. This does not tingle, so don’t worry about that. This will make your skin slightly read after using it, so just be warned of that!

As always, thanks for reading! Are you more of a fan of a moisturizing mask or an exfoliating mask? Let me know down below, and keep up to date with everything my subscribing for emails!







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