$50 and under gift guide


As the next installment of my holiday gift guides, I am about to show my picks for the gifts that are mid-range. These gifts are all under $50, and can be a really great gift for anyone in your family or some really great friends as well. Be sure to check out my guide for gifts under $15 for some great ideas for small gifts or stocking stuffers as well! 

Beauty gifts are always some of my favorite things to receive, so of course I am going to put in a new list of things that I think would make great gifts! First off,  I have the Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe set, (check out the review here!) and I have used it every single day. There is a huge range of colors, as well as some amazing festive packaging which I think would really make a great gift. Perfume sets are always the way to go for a lot of my friends, and Sephora and Ulta also do sample sets with a wide range of brands so your loved one can possibly find a new favorite scent. I am a skincare fiend, and catch myself buying different things all of the time. A great skincare set is an easy gift that allows people to try out different products and maybe find their new holy grail item.

Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe / Elizabeth and James Nirvana Set / Origins Go Ginzing

My family loves to travel, and I love travel accessories myself. Really cute things can make the stress of travel a lot easier and more organized. Passport covers are a luxury that not a lot of people think to buy themselves, but it does make your passport easier to find in your sea of luggage. Backpacks are great and can keep your hands free while you are trying to swim through the airports or train stations you find yourself in. I have a trusty North Face bag that I have had for years, and I love that bag, but there are some trendy options if you are not looking for a rough and rugged back. I travel light, and these small card holders can keep all of your personal information protected and safe, as well as being completely adorable. They don’t take up too much room, and can easily fit into a pocket as well.

Band.Do “I’m Outta here” Passport Holder / Fringe First Drawstring Backpack / Rainer Lane Card Holder

Since I am in the middle of my late twenties, I have realized the amazing joy that is homeware. I catch myself shopping for dishes and towels and all sorts of crazy things for my home. I think really nice homeware is a great gift for a wide range of ages. You can customize the gift to that person’s home, or just gift them something that is amazing and seasonal that they can bring out once a year. These items can also go in any room, so the options are pretty endless. TJ Maxx and Target feature a lot of great homeware all year round, but Kate Spade also has a lovely selection of items for the home as well. These are mostly found in larger department stores too, so they are easy to find!

Dauschand Porcelain Tray / “All in good taste” Tea Kettle / Village Park 3 Piece Set

Jewelry is always a great choice for the ladies of your life, and a ton of brands come out with sets this year so you can get more for your money. These sets are all from BaubleBar which is a brand that I have loved for a long time.  I would highly suggest finding out some information about what the person likes before going out and getting jewelry, and if they are trendy, you can find something for a whole lot less.

Mini Gem Pinata Tassel Drops Duo / Build A Bracelet Stack / Paris Choker Trio

Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the gift guide, and what are your favorite gifts under $50 to give to your friends and family? Let me know in the comments, and Happy Holidays!



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