$15 and under gift guide!


Happy Holidays friends! This is my first installment of my gift guide for this year. Gift guides are something that I definitely go to every year for ideas on what to buy for friends and family, or even to make for friends and family. Although this time of year is not about gift giving, I do love to give those around me something for them to just enjoy, and I also have this crazy obsession with gift wrap. Seriously, ask anyone who knows me. Since it is the beginning of the shopping season, I figured I would get these guides out to help you along your way! Let’s get started!

I think that giving mugs is a really inexpensive and easy way to give a gift. Everyone uses mugs for whatever they are drinking this time of year, and most of the time, they are drinking something warm, and a regular glass just is not going to cut it. Most of the time you can find some really amazing mugs at places such as Target and TJMaxx as well, and can even be less than $5! Pair it with an amazing coffee or tea blend that you think that person will love, or just something you love that you may want them to try. There are a ton of amazing seasonal options out this time of year too. I always love receiving Christmas mugs as well as other serveware.

“You’re the Best” Mug/ Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate Tea/ “Baby it’s cold outside” Mug

I think that beauty products are a perfect thing to give to pretty much anyone. It covers a wide array of ladies and guys in your life as well. Sephora and Ulta do some amazing small gift sets that are really affordable, but still from some really amazing brands. Lotions and scents are not something that people often purchase for themselves, I know that I definitely don’t. My family are big travelers, and most of these sorts of sets come in travel size, which allows them to travel with them.

Josie Maran Whipped Argun Body Butter Duo/ Loccitaine Shea Butter Ornament/ Tocca Spice rollerball trio

Would it even be a gift guide if I didn’t mention Lush? Probably not. I absolutely love this company, and pretty much any product they make. They currently have their seasonal collection in stores and online, and it is definitely something that I wait for every year. In addition to their traditional single items, they do a lot of prewrapped gifts which saves you the time of wrapping the gift! (Guys, this may be perfect for you!) These products just make bathtime a pleasure, and are amazing quality as well.

Satsuma / Jingle Bells / Buttercup

Lastly, I think that everyone likes to be warm, am I right? I love it personally! Cold weather accessories are a really easy gift to find, and most of the time you can get them on a crazy good sale. I know places like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 have had them for a couple of dollars each around the holidays. I am always wearing a scarf or a hat during this time of year because I am a huge crybaby. Getting someone a matching set of accessories would be a really thoughtful and inexpensive gift as well.

Gloves / Scarf / Hat

Keep an eye out for my upcoming gift guides, and I hope you enjoyed this guide as well! Do you have any gifts that you swear by for this time of year? Let me know, and Happy Holidays!



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