Two week European wardrobe in a carry on

Uk Lush Haul(3)

Yes friends, I did it! I have never been the best packer, but I have had a lot of experience. Not being allowed to actually take the amount of things you normally take really can make you pack better. Good news, I was actually successful, and I am going to tell you everything I brought, well, almost everything. Packing just what you need (and not being afraid to do laundry!) is a great way to enjoy your vacation, and not have to stress about forgetting or losing anything. Let’s see what I brought!








If this is not packing light, then I do not know what is. I left out some pretty obvious things. We all need underlayers and things of that sort. Those are almost basic human needs! Packing like this definitely reduced my creative outfits, but when I am traveling, I am honestly just trying to be comfortable anyway! Are you guys any good at light packing? Let me know down below!

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