Spring Brights + Collaboration!


Hello my dearest friends! Welcome back! This is going to be part ramble, part update, and part showing off my super awesome friends. Pull up a chair, grab some sweet tea, and let’s chat!

School is finally out for the summer! That means only one semester left, and I am never walking back into school again, you think I am kidding, haha. I finally get to be excited about my vacation (which is like a week away from right now, OMG) and think about one of my favorite things to do….packing. I love it, it is so weird. I had planned on rolling out a packing post, so keep your eyes open for that, it should happen before I leave. If you haven’t read yet, I am going to Iceland, England, Scotland, and France…so the packing will be interesting.

I have been quite pleased with my blog growth lately. The social aspect has really brought me out of my shell (not that I was ever in a shell, ask my mother), and I have been able to just reach out, and not care. I have done a ton of posts about blogging, it has been my thing of the moment, so be sure to click on the Blogging category up at the top to check those out! Living my “positive life” which I discussed previously has actually been working out! I have been able to stay happy and significantly reduce my stress. Just smile, it helps.

Alrighty, on to the gang (not a crime gang, don’t worry!) My favorites and I decided to do a collaboration about our favorite spring dresses….we all know how much I SUCK at having my photo taken. It was actually hysterical. I am crazy awkward, and I’m sorry. Moving on…in this outfit I am wearing some pretty easy things to find. The shoes were a Christmas gift from my mother, but I saw some at Charlotte Russe that were the exact same, not sure if they are still there in May…haha. The dress is from Forever 21, and is this amazing yellow (which is your girl’s favorite color) and it is lace, and has long sleeves. I am permanently living in 1991 Seattle, so I always have a flannel on, not sorry. The bag is the normal, Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise in mulled wine. My best friend (AKA: Blog Photographer) found this dope wall, and decided to force me in front of it, turned out pretty okay. Let’s see what the gang did…

Blogger collab

Top: Alessia/Your Girl/Eva

Bottom: Katelyn/Hannah/Lauren

Alessia is our little baby! She has a ton of information about fashion and trends that you can check out. She reminds me of me in the idea that she incorporates humor into her blogging, which I love! She did this fantastic post on Mary Kate and Ashley (who are/were/will always be some of my idols), which everyone needs to check out. Read more at Hauteandhoundstooth.com

Eva has literally the best backgrounds for photos. It is like the set of a movie! She does beautiful fashion posts with this almost “princess-like” style which is incredible. She recently just graduated from CSUS with her BA in Kinesiology, so run over and congratulate her! She deserves it! Read more at Simplyevahxo.com

Katelyn comes from Oklahoma (still bitter about that loss last season, GO VOLS!), and talks about everything from beauty to lifestyle to DIYs! As someone who always has the crazy big plans, but does not execute them well, I will let her do all of these amazing crafts, haha. She has some great advice posts which you should check out, and features guest posts so that you can find even more amazing blogs to read! Read more at Katelynblogs.com

Hannah is basically living my life (I see you!). She gets to live in NYC, I know…I feel the same way you do! As someone who LOVES the city, but lives terribly far away, I just live vicariously through Hannah and her amazing locations she visits, and the events she gets to attend. If you are going into the city anytime, I definitely suggest checking out her site! Read more at Thenaturalizednewyorker.com

Lauren has that New England Prep look down to a science! She is a teacher, and stays true to having the best image possible to show her students. My mother is also a teacher, so teachers are awesome! She does amazing outfit posts with every detail perfectly in place, and like Eva, she has some amazing locations for her photos. Plus, she mentioned The Bachelor in a previous post, and I love that show! Read More at Rosesandrainboots.com

Charline & Kimmy have one of my favorite blogs to read. They are from Texas, and also recent graduates (Congrats girls!). They blog about beauty, lifestyle, and have some pretty amazing outfit posts. I clearly need to take outfit lessons from my friends! One of my favorite things they do are their weekly review posts where they talk about where they went, and what they did. I am always looking for new cities to visit, and I think Austin is high on that list now! Read more at Eatlovewear.com

Chelsea is a fellow southerner, and is from Atlanta…which is basically one hour and fifteen minutes from me. Basically neighbors! She does social media for Chick-fil-a, so she definitely knows what she is talking about. I am all about a good book, and she has an entire section dedicated to books she loves. I have a couple of them ready to go in my list as we speak! Read more at Thecrookedhammer.com

Savannah is the neighbor to Chelsea and I, and lives in North Carolina. She is a college blogger also, and gives a ton of great advice ranging all over the place. She also features a lot of great travel posts, which is something in the blogging world that I definitely want to be involved in. Read more at Thealwaysblog.com



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