Pineapples are the new black

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Yes my friends, I have given in to the trend. I am sure that everyone in the world is fully aware that spring/summer is all about pineapples. Everyone from my local grocery store to almost every clothing store is all about some pineapples. Why? Beats me, but as someone who associates them with great times, I think it is awesome. I guess I could give you a history lesson before I show you all of the cool things that I found on the interweb…you ready?

I have always seen pineapples as having a crown. You cannot deny that. You know it’s true! Once Columbus came back to jolly old England with a pineapple (which he discovered in the Caribbean islands), they were given to royalty, and since the were so rare, that is pretty much the only people they went to. If you received a pineapple as a gift, then you were receiving something that was of royal privilege. Through history, pineapples became a pretty big to-do for having guests to your home. It basically symbolized that you weren’t afraid to spend money on your guests, which made them feel pretty cool. The pineapple has been a sign of welcome, human warmth, and just hospitality in general. On to the good stuff…

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  1. This Pineapple Bar Tumbler, I personally do not use one of these….haha. I definitely feel like any bar cart needs a tumbler which is a statement piece. What is more of a statement than a shiny pineapple that serves you alcohol? Not much.
  2. Similar to the tumbler, I also found Pineapple Shotglasses which match….can we all say yes? We can. Think of how thankful your bar cart would be…
  3. I am a pretty serious fan of a patterned sock. Ask my sock drawer. These Pineapple Socks are sort of to die for. My feet are constantly cold, so I am always on the hunt for adorable socks to wear around.
  4. Yeah, we know. Big/fun/party worthy floats are all the rage right now, and have been for a while. This Pineapple Float is summer’s way of telling you to get out there and enjoy life.
  5. I am dreaming of a pineapple themed dinner party this summer, so these Pineapple Bowls would be perfect to put on a table top, and serve some of your delicious snacks, or just to sit on a table that you keep set perfectly like you live in a museum. For me, I only set a table for a party, reflection of my life.
  6. I love a good set of string lights. I think that goes for everyone. These Pineapple String Lights are freaking adorable. Imagine these on a mantle, or out on your patio? Adorable, I know.
  7. I love a good tote bag, and am always on the hunt for “the perfect one”. I found this Pineapple Tote Bag in a store I was in the other day, and think it would be so great to go to the lake/ocean/pool/backyard party for the summer.
  8. I am not a HUGE jewelry person, but I do love a good stud earring. Pineapple Studs just seem like somewhere that I need to be at in my life. These are something you could dress up or dress down, and they are perfect, duh.
  9. I don’t know about you, but I have SO MANY TRINKETS. It is insane, I don’t know where they come from. I am all about compartmentalizing things, and I think this Pineapple Trinket Holder would be a solid addition to my dresser.
  10. Not that I need this, but I can think of a couple friends/family who were every ring under the sun, and need something like this Pineapple Ring Holder to organize their life, and celebrate the season at the same time! (Plus points for being mint green!)
  11. I keep a dish on my nightstand to catch random things that can easily get lost. With one as cute as this Pineapple Trinket Dish I don’t think I would lose so many earrings or bobby pins. This dish is too perfect not to notice.
  12. Oh look, back to your potentially INCREDIBLE bar cart. My friends and I are big fans of wine, this Pineapple Bottle Stopper would be the perfect small token to go along with a great bottle of wine as a gift. (Boom, ideas!)
  13. I love candles, you love candles. You need somewhere to put your candles! This Pineapple Candlestick would be pretty darn adorable on top of you dining room table/bar top/mantle…pretty much anywhere. (Ps: It goes along with the bar set! Hello!)
  14. When I walked into the store, these Pineapple Tumbler Glasses spoke to me. I can picture myself drinking something as summer-y as possible on the back porch, surrounded by friends with these glasses. #goals
  15. Do I wear aprons? No. I prefer to get as dirty as possible when I cook. I also just don’t have an apron….but if I did, I would have this Pineapple Apron hanging in my perfect little kitchen.

Alright, that is all for today! The best thing about all of these items? THEY ARE ALL UNDER $40, HELLO! Put a little summer in your home, and welcome the pineapple trend with open arms. It is going to be around for a while, and you don’t want all the good stuff gone! What trends are you loving? Having you found any amazing pineapple things I need? Let me know down below!

*Hi! This post does contain some affiliate links through By purchasing a product, I would gain some commission off of that item. I found all of these sweet products on my own, and just loved them and wanted to show you. That cool? Thought so! :)*



  1. GIRL I LOVE pineapples. totally swooning over so many of these picks, especially those stud earrings. Thanks for sharing this post! xoxo, Lauren {}

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