Most Worn: Winter Shoes

Winter is always a pretty difficult time for footwear. It is pretty cold, and can sometimes produce some pretty crazy weather. During winter, I am usually wearing just a few shoes because let’s face it….I HATE to be cold, but I still want to be kinda cute, or at least try! These four shoes have been my go to footwear so far this year, and beginning the series of Most Worn should start at the bottom and work up! So, let’s get into it!

These are the newest to the family. I got these on Black Friday at Express after some influence from my aunt, haha. They actually still have them in stock, and they are currently on sale (fro the time being).  They are that perfect height that gives you the additional boost, but they are still insanely easy to walk in, and are pretty darn comfortable. I wear them all the time, and never really had to break them in, they just kind of are perfect for my feet, haha. I will say that finding socks to wear with these is quite the difficult challenge since it does feature a side cut out, and I am weird about not wearing socks, so there is that. They are cruelty free, and are pull on! Shout out to my lazy girls! They are a very light gray, but almost go slightly beige as well.

Side Slit Bootie

The worst (best!) thing about this time of year is all of the parties that you need to attend. I love a chunky sandal, and this has enough coverage on the top to kind of keep my feet warm, but still give me a more formalesque look than booties or various other shoes. Fun fact, I actually got these at Forever 21, and like the booties above, they are a nice faux suede, and a true black, even though that one picture looks blue (which would be amazing). They are easy to walk in, and are pretty comfortable, but did take some breaking in, and are not that lovely for walking in long distances, so keep that in mind! You really cannot go wrong with a black sandal any time of the year!

Strappy Faux Suede Heels

Alright, would I even be a twenty something if I did not include Bean Boots? Probably not. Mine have been through many, many winters, and they are still kicking it! Mine are the traditional 8 inch boots, and honestly….I would choose these over any other shoes that I have. They keep my feet warm, are waterproof, and are pretty classic (which I love!). I wear mine with all sorts of things, even dresses. I am sure that fashion people are keeling over in their graves right now, but hey! I do! I am pretty sure that you can even get these resoled if you wear them down, but I have never had to have that done to any pair of shoes, but I have heard of it happening, so that’s always a plus!

L.L. Bean Boots

Finally, some good old fashioned rainboots! I love my Hunters, and I don’t think I would ever buy a different pair of rainboots again. These hit me at a great height on my leg, and are comfortable as heck! They do tend to be heavy, which does not make them great for walking, but I love these when it gets icy and snowy outside. I love these shoes because the quality of them is just amazing, and they pretty much never go out of style. So while they are pricey, it is something that will last you for a long time before you ever have to replace them, pretty good investment! They also make fleece inserts for your shoes to make them a little bit warmer since rubber can get a little cold after a while of being outside.

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot


What are your go to winter shoes? Which ones of these is your favorite, and let me know if you have any suggestions to things I need to add to my collection!


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