February Favorites

Another month has came to pass, and even I cannot believe it. The first couple months of 2016 have not been perfect, but there is still an entire yer to look forward to. I saw a lot of things happen this month. Blizzards, valentines day, charity galas, and time to actually put on makeup. So, I am going to start doing this every month, but here are my favorites of the glorious month of February!

Like I said before, it snowed. It snowed a lot! (For Tennessee y’all, give me a break!) Snow, or not, LL Bean Boots are my winter staple. I wear them all year. They are warm, waterproof, and maybe somewhat stylish? I have had this pair for about three or four years, and they are still as perfect as they day that I got them. Probably even more comfortable, to be honest. Sticking with shoes, I NEVER wear heels. Ever. I just always prefer to be comfortable, and that just means flats in my world. On February 13th, I attended a Red Shoe Gala with my family and boyfriend, and packed black shoes that are my go-to anytime I need to wear something nicer. Well, my lovely mother informs me that everyone will be wearing red shoes…two hours prior to the event. My family lives in a pretty small town, and these were the only shoes that I was able to find. Period. Let me tell you, these are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn in my life. I walked around the gala in them, and even went out to some bars after the even with my family and danced until pretty early in the morning. So, props to those shoes, they have changed my mind when it comes to heels, and I will make sure to wear them more often.

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If you should know one thing about me, it is that I love fur coats (faux, obvi!). I was able to find this one at JCPenney! (Yeah! I know!) It was only twenty bucks on Black Friday, and I have gotten wayyyy more wear out of it than just that. I usually just throw it on with some jeans and some neutral colored top,  but it also is great for dresses and going out. That skirt though…I bought it earlier this year, and stumbled across it recently. It was like ten dollars at forever 21, and it is perfect. First of all, it is INSANELY soft. Like a puppy. It fits my waist perfectly, and hits me at a good length. I think they are still on the website, and I fully suggest that you go grab one, or two.

So, I admit it, I have been neglecting my skin. Around December I developed this weird issue with my skin where it was always irritated, and was insanely dry. After I got back to my house in Nashville from the holidays, I decided to buckle down. That is a whole other story, anyway, I ordered a bunch of Korean sheet masks, and have been making a point to use one or two a week. My skin looks young again, and I have watched the fine lines and dry areas literally vanish. I think these face masks are going to be my favorite for a long time, but might as well mention them now? Right?. Since I have been having more things to do and get ready for, I have been attached to my Naked palettes. They are also perfect for travel. Since I am pale, I can do my eyebrows, eye shadow (duh), eyeliner, and contour. Plus, we all know the quality is absolutely incredible.

Alright, last three. I have always meant to go online and purchase Cards Against Humanity, but I forget things pretty easily. My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with the game. Which was literally the last thing I expected to get. Even my parents love it, so, if you haven’t played it, you should. One of my favorite directors is Guillermo Del Toro, so when I learned he was coming out with a new movie in October, best believe I saw it in theaters about three times. If you are into a mix of a horror/thriller/love story, then Crimson Peak is definitely for you. It has a great cast, and an amazing story line. There are a few gory moments, but nothing shocking. Lastly, Lindt Lindor Truffles. I have the milk chocolate kind, because….well…I have already eaten the rest of them. I can’t explain why they are so good, but it is like they just melt in your mouth, and I never turn down candy. Give me all of the calories!

So that’s it! That is a snapshot of my favorites. I could probably do daily favorites, but I won’t. Stay tuned for next month to see what nonsense I am loving then!




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