Day Trips: Chattanooga


Okay, so it is not much of a day trip since it is my hometown, and I am moving back there in a few months haha, but it could be a day trip for someone else! Since I am a “local/native/chattanoogan?, I have a few favorite spots to show you, and tell you what to eat/drink/do when you get there!

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Quick Treats: Easter Bark

Easter Treat

I love a good bark y’all. I had no plans for Easter, and expected to spend all day watch PLL re-runs, and try and figure out what on Earth is going on in Rosewood. Then, my boyfriend pops up and says they are having a get together at his family’s home….who I have never met. Raised in the South, I know you cannot go to someone’s house without some sort of thing in hand for the host. Making barks is something I have done for many years, and I found this adorable and delicious recipe on pinterest, and naturally, I tweaked it a little bit to fit who I am. This is insanely easy, and took me a total of around fifteen minutes. So you still have time to get this done!

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