Most Worn: Winter Shoes

Winter is always a pretty difficult time for footwear. It is pretty cold, and can sometimes produce some pretty crazy weather. During winter, I am usually wearing just a few shoes because let’s face it….I HATE to be cold, but I still want to be kinda cute, or at least try! These four shoes have been my go to footwear so far this year, and beginning the series of Most Worn should start at the bottom and work up! So, let’s get into it!

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15 fall must haves under $50


Can you believe fall is right around the corner? I am still in shock that we are this far into August! My favorite thing about the switch in seasons is the ability to really change up my wardrobe, but keep a timeless look as well. These are the 15 things I found that are must haves for this coming season. Best thing? They are all under $50 bucks!

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Two week European wardrobe in a carry on

Uk Lush Haul(3)

Yes friends, I did it! I have never been the best packer, but I have had a lot of experience. Not being allowed to actually take the amount of things you normally take really can make you pack better. Good news, I was actually successful, and I am going to tell you everything I brought, well, almost everything. Packing just what you need (and not being afraid to do laundry!) is a great way to enjoy your vacation, and not have to stress about forgetting or losing anything. Let’s see what I brought!

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