Blogging Goals 2017


Hello my friends. I have not been around here pretty often, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. I have been loving all of the blogging goals that people have been posting, and I felt really inspired to create my own. My one year anniversary with this little baby is coming up soon, so why not start the new year off with some goals and motivation?

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Halloween Stock Photos


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday, and welcome to my first official post about Halloween (actually first one of all time! Yay!). I have been so thankful for those of you who are reading my blog and I have loved getting to know you guys on social media, I put together a few stock photos for you guys to use anyway you see fit. Also, be sure to sign up for the newsletter so I can show you dumb things I am loving at the moment, I actually sent one out today! Anyway, onto the photos!

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