Why I don’t have an editorial calendar

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I am sure that if you are a new blogger, you have read all of the different posts I have talking about how to be successful. An editorial calendar is always one of those things that pops up in every post. Maybe it is my Type B personality, or maybe I am just not professionally there yet in my blogging career, but at the time being, I don’t have one, and I am going to let you know why.


First off, what is an editorial calendar? A calendar, duh! It helps to organize and plan out your content for your posts so that you always know what is going up, or what you should be focusing your writing on. Maybe it is because this blog is my main focus, or maybe because I am all the time thinking and brainstorming. Who knows! For me, my blog is simply….my blog. I write about what I want and when I want to. I also live my life in this crazy organized-unorganized manner, don’t follow that path! Here are my reasons why I don’t have one…

  1. I personally do not need one. I can easily input important dates into my calendar on my phone or computer. Things such as Twitter Chats go in as an alarm fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of the chat. I am pretty insane about deadlines, and I will have things completed days before. This has honestly been a lifesaver when it comes to things such as guest posts.
  2. I enjoy living a pretty free life. I began my blog to talk about whatever I wanted. If I wanted to talk about a facial scrub one day and world peace the next, I had no restrictions. While I am still an infant blogger, I am using this time to just write anything. I feel like since deciding to be a lifestyle blog, I have a pretty definitive number of topics that I choose to write about. As long as I stick with those, I feel like I am on an unofficial calendar of sorts.
  3. I do monitor social media. I make sure that any events or holidays are included that pertain to my blog. Why would I miss a solid hashtag?! I do not write these days down in my calendar or have reminders for them. I spend enough time on Twitter and Instagram that it is not something that I really require for myself. I am pretty good at staying on top of things.
  4. Lastly, which people who are around me may argue with, I am pretty organized on my own. I am one of those annoying people who live in a mess, but pretty much have an idea about everything. Nothing in my life is perfect organized. There are socks in my bathroom drawers, bra drawers, and even in my purse. Why should my internet life be any different? If I am truly being myself, I never know what you’re going to get from me, and that is slightly exciting for me. Don’t let it frighten you!


Before I scare you away forever, let me talk about why you might need one! If you have a busy life, kids, a full time job, or anything that keeps you stressed, then use one! My mother loves scheduling things, and loves knowing exactly what is happening and when. Everyone has a different personality. While I do not know any great tips or advice for editorial calendars, I have done some pretty serious research to see if it was right for me. Here are my favorite articles about editorial calendars so that you can decide for yourself.

“5 Tips for Building an Editorial Calendar” by Meganmartin.net

“The Perfect Editorial Calendar Strategy” by Wonderforest.com

“Must Have Editorial Calendar that Actually Works” by Pyrosandpinot.com

“Blogging 101: Editorial Calendar” by Bree-West.com

Give these a read! They are by some absolutely fantastic bloggers who I definitely look up to in terms of success, design, and overall ladybosses! If organization is something that you struggle with, and you are serious about the future of your blog/company/whatever then try it out! If you are like me and a free spirit, then try doing it without the calendar. I haven’t had any issues, and this is my decision. Let me know how you feel about editorial calendars. Do you use one? What have your experiences been?











  1. Love this post. I am also an infant blogger with no set blogging schedule at the moment, though I’m aiming for once a week, not necessarily on the same day. Since it’s summer and I’m off (I’m a teacher), it’s easier to write and focus on it- we’ll see what happens when work starts back up again! I do like being free, but I want to be somewhat consistent. It can be a tough balance!

  2. Absolutely loved your view on the topic. I’m pretty much the same. I do not feel the need for an editorial calendar because I can organize myself and spend a lot of time on the internet anyway πŸ˜€
    Loved to hear that you feel the same way as I sometimes feel weird and pressurized into making one too.

    Love, Kerstin

  3. Thank you Ashlee for the love! πŸ™‚

    I am with you on being Type B and living in the organized-unorganized craze! Love that you are going with the flow and enjoying your blog!

    Happy Sunday! XO


  4. I really like this outlook – I don’t have an editorial calendar as such, more a list of ideas for future posts that I pick and choose, along with any ideas I have that week, though I’m starting to feel that I may need one as my blog starts to grow (more for remembering things like twitter chats and facebook group threads).

  5. This is quite a relief to read, as I am a very ‘free’ blogger and don’t exactly plan my content! I do want to be more organised, but i could never be one of those people who schedules ALL my content a month in advance… or schedule my IG feed at that. I feel that this can make it a little more artificial? Maybe that’s just me! but one of the things i love about blogging is REALITY and OPENNESS. I feel flexibility with content helps this πŸ™‚

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