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The other day, I was introduced to Hello Bar by my dear friend Eva. We have a little blogging chat that we do, and this was brought up, and it was literally a lifesaver! Best thing about it? It is free to use, so let’s get into why you need it for your awesome new (or old) blog! (Stick around to get a month of the pro version for free!)

  1. First off, it is an a great way to build your newsletter, and since newsletters are one of the biggest trends for 2016, this is something you should pay attention to! Sometimes people are not signing up for your email list simply because they cannot find it! This was brought up in our little friend group, and within about five minutes, I had Hello Bar installed and ready to go on my site.
  2. There are quite a few versions of the sign up form, my personal favorite being the one you see at the top. Just a nice full-width bar that grabs attention, but also is not something that your reader is going to have to click out of to read your content. I know that I personally cannot stand when I have to close the same thing multiple times. If I want to sign up, I will, don’t worry!
  3. Not only is it great for collecting emails, it also helps you set other goals to improve your overall blog. It tracks the views that you receive, which is great to compare to the amount of emails you collect. There are preset goals to help you get started, or, you can set your own goals. So you can customize to what you need!hello bar goal list
  4. There is also a section called “Improve” that shows your most popular posts with the highest conversion (for me, that is getting people for my newsletter), posts with low conversion, but a lot of traffic, and then obviously low traffic, low conversion. It gives you an option to create targeted content to improve upon whatever your goal is. Basically, it is like a little blog coach!

Hello Bar is pretty cool, right?! I definitely suggest trying it out, I mean…it is free girl. So easy to use, takes five minutes (or less), and helps you improve on your electronic  baby! Now, if you are on board, and waiting for your month of the pro free, here you go. The pro version allows more clicks on your sign up bars. The worst thing is having your bar turned off from having too many clicks, (but that is also pretty darn cool, right?)hello bar pro pricingIf you use my referral code, then you get a month free of the pro version, and I get a free month too, so it is a win/win for everyone. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me, and I will answer them to the best of my ability (or direct you to someone who can). Let me know if you sign up, and what your goals are!

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*This post contains a referral link. I do not make any sort of financial compensation. I don’t get anything if you do not sign up, but hey, if we can both get cool things, why not?*



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