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Greetings my darling friends! As we know, social media is something that is vital to the blogging community. It is a vital way of promoting ourselves, and more importantly, it is building up fellow content creators. For the longest time, I never used hashtags, but once I began blogging, I realized that they make a huge difference in your readership. Let’s talk about it more…


I know that hashtags are quite controversial (what a world we live in where that is a controversial thing, right?), and there are multiple sides of the argument. When I just had my personal Instagram and Twitter, I never used hashtags, I had nothing to offer someone except a really cool picture of ANOTHER piece of pizza. Now that i have some sort of Twitter and Instagram where I have something to offer people (a little bit, right?), I have understood the importance of hashtags. Not only does it allow people to reach your content, but it allows you to reach others, and create some really amazing friendships, which I think has been my favorite part of blogging so far!

With every platform and their mother rolling out new algorithms, you need to make sure your content is getting the recognition you have worked so hard for. By utilizing hashtags, you can find your target audience, and introduce them to not only your brand, but also to you! You are the whole reason you have your blog, do not forget that. I am going to throw out some of my favorite lists for platforms I use, but hey, find your own too! You want your hashtags to match your style/theme/asthetic, whatever you want to call it!

and it goes a littlesomething like this                       and it goes a littlesomething like this (1)

I basically use the same hashtags straight across the board because I try and keep my “brand” consistent. I want the same people who find me on Twitter to find me on Instagram, and vice versa. I definitely think playing around with hashtags can help you find your ideal audience, and if you are one of those people who has not found your niche, then browse these hashtags and look around, find what you like!

Something I plan on doing is starting my own hashtag so that people can easily find me, and use the hashtag to share things. That is in the works, gotta find a good one! If you are going to hop into the hashtag game, then make it easier on yourself. If you are an iPhone user, then you can make hashtag shortcuts.

Setting > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement > + (to add shortcut)

Boom! That easy! What are your favorite hashtags? Do you use any of these? Let me know in the comments down below, and happy social mediaing ladies! (Is mediaing even a word? it is now!)




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