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Happy Monday everyone! If you follow me on Twitter, than you know that Monday is absolutely my favorite day for social media interaction. Twitter chats were something I knew nothing about before I began blogging. Over the past few months, I have found discovered a whole new world when it comes Twitter, and how that can really be a huge benefit to your blog.

So what exactly is a Twitter chat? It is a real time open conversation hosted by another person on Twitter. The best thing about these chats are that anyone is welcome to join them, and there are a ton of topics to choose from. If you are new to Twitter chats, then the premise can be really scary. Tons of people tweeting answers to questions a host asks, retweeting like crazy, and they even talk to you! Chats can be some pretty fantastic exposure for not only your social media profile, but also your blog or website. Just participating is a great way of finding some of your blogging friends too. My blogging tribe actually formed off of Twitter. Great things can happen!

Depending on what your niche is, there are a lot of different chats. My niche is the lifestyle/beauty corner, so that is the realm of twitter chats we will cover today.


This is BY FAR my favorite chat. It happens on Mondays and his hosted by the wonderful Jemma Dorkface from Dorkfaceblog. Not only is the chat awesome, but Jemma is the absolute sweetest person.This has an extremely wide range of topics, for example, tonight’s chat is about Friends, yep, the TV show.  This is all about girl power, and everyone utilizies the best GIFs too. Visit Jemma’s blog if you are interested in finding out more about this chat. I can guarantee that you will find me here every Monday! PS: Girlgang does a night where we all watch movies together and talk about them on twitter. We have done Mean Girls and Clueless so far, they are absolutely the best!


This is actually the newest chat I have joined, but this is extremely helpful. This is hosted by the wonderful Rachel from Seashells and Sparkles. This chat primarily focuses on blogging, and how to improve your blog. I have gotten some really amazing advice from girls in this group. This actually caused me to get my stuff together and create my first media kit, which has already helped companies recognize me. Last week’s chat was about blog photography and the editing process that some people go through. The ladies who are involved in this chat have some incredible photography going on, so their advice is from a place of expertise! This happens every Saturday!



This chat is a little different than the others. This is hosted by a different person every single week, so there is no specific person who is in charge. Zita Jane from was the host for the chat this week. This is pretty similar to galpalchat in that it mostly talks about blogging and how to improve your blog. This is great for new lifestyle blogs who are looking for people who are within their niche, and it is great that there are always new bloggers hosting it. It helps keep the community up and ready to go! This chat happens every Wednesday and Thursday!

Since some of these chats are international, it is pretty hard to give you a specific time. I recommend following all of these twitter accounts so that you are able to have constant reminders of when the chats are so that you are sure not to miss anything. I hope to see each and every one of you at the next chat. Like I mentioned earlier, if you are new, still reach out and talk to everyone! Answer the questions. There are no wrong answers, and who knows, you may get a retweet from one of the accounts! Until next time! PS: Find me on twitter! Ashleelizdotcom



  1. Great post girlie! I definitely need to step up my twitter game. Maybe I’ll see you at the #THEGIRLGANG later tonight!
    xx, Lauren {}

  2. This was such an amazing post! Since I’m new to blogging, I’ve always wondered about Twitter chats and how exactly they work! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch one of the chats you’ve mentioned.

  3. Suuuper helpful! I always feel like I miss these things because I get the times mixed up (I’m EST) or who has chats at all. Thanks for the list- def going to follow them!

  4. Omg thanks so much for doing this post, I’m a new blogger and have been looking for a way to interact with other bloggers! I love this post xo

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