Twitter Analytics: The Breakdown

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Hello lovely internet friends! I have been noticing more and more concern about algorithms and analytics in the blogging world. Having marketing experience personally, they are not too scary. I promise! Your blog stats are pretty important if you are trying to grow your audience. So let’s talk about Twitter Analytics today, and how you can use Twitter to the fullest.

Alright, get comfy, grab some cheese, let’s get into this. Why do we actually care about analytics? They are doing a ton of hard work for you! Analytics are a bloggers best friend. These are measuring not only your visitors, but your leads, and even the potential that you have with your content. They are the best way of showing you what your audience wants, and what they are actually looking at. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing about things that I am into. I mean, duh, it is my blog after all! The key here is that if you want growth to happen, you gotta interest other people as well.


So this is always the first thing I look at. It is just a general summary of all of your most important information. This shows you your total tweets since the beginning of the month. So, since July 1st, I have tweeted 394 times (shout out to you Buffer!), and those tweets have been retweeted, mentioned, or seen over 162,000 times by Twitter users. This is something that I probably get more excited than I should. Profile visits are how many different times someone looked at your profile. That’s it! Pretty easy statistic, but still useful. Mentions are how many people decided to mention me in a tweet (Hey Twitter Friends!!), and I think you may have an idea about what new followers means….right?


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Alright, so we are getting into the cool side of Twitter Analytics now. First category we see is your personal top tweet. So this means this was essentially your best tweet. At the bottom, it shows you how many times that tweet was liked and also retweeted. Why is this important? Because it lets you know which of your posts related to your content they liked the most, and that can definitely help target your niche if you are still lost about that.

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Hop on over to the right and you can see your top mention. Since I follow so many Twitter chats, those are usually where my top mentions come from. If you look right beside the category, you see how many engagements that mention earned. In this case, it earned twenty-six engagements. What is engagement? It is when someone likes, comments, mentions, pretty much anything. This also has to deal with likes and retweets, sometimes.

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This is quite a weird category in my opinion. This (from what I have gathered) is just someone who follows you and has a rather large following themselves. My top follower has 308,000 followers, but that does not mean I necessarily follow this person. But hey, if they retweet you, then you make luck out and get some more exposure!

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Basically the same thing as top tweet, but this includes sort sort of media content. Pictures, videos, GIFs, etc. You get the idea.


There is also a pretty great feature if you venture off of the front page that allows you more insight about your actual audience, and your best chances of engagement (which you already know makes the world go around right now). This measures your organic reach per day. This is a genius way of knowing what day you are getting the best responses. Twitter usually does a 28 monitoring period, and you could make it a small goal to be better every month. You can also scroll down on this page to see the impressions, total number of engagements, and the rate of engagement as well.


If you truly care about growth, then you can also find out more information about your audience and their preferences. So, depending on what your niche is, you should have something at least similar to what your blog is going for. Luckily, I am pretty close to mine, but there are clear signs of places that I can improve upon. I like to spend at least thirty minutes to an hour really focused on studying my analytics, and planning on how I can do better the next week.

Do you use Twitter? Have you ever looked at your analytics? If not Twitter, what is your favorite social media, and do you have any tips that have helped you grow your reach? Let me know!











  1. A really helpful post. I’ve had a little look at Twitter Analytics in the past, but nothing detailed. At the moment, my Twitter profile is being excluded from hashtag searches. This is a huge pain & something I’m working on solving. Then I’ll start drilling down into my analytics to really make the most of my Twitter profile. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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