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We hop on pinterest, and we see all of these social media tips from bloggers who have more followers than faces I have seen in my entire life, and we wonder how we can relate to that. I am a newer blogger (February 23rd of this year!), and I love social media. I think it is a great way to connect with others, discover other blogs, and just continuously be inspired. So let’s hop into it!


Personally, I think this is the most important platform for bloggers. Am I biased since this is my favorite, maybe…but it is true! It is real time conversations from all over the world, and I think that is one of the most important things bloggers need. Blogging is all about the latest trends, and Twitter makes it very simple to find what people are talking about, or interested in and run with it. Something that is very important is actually participating in twitter, and not just promoting your blog content to reach more views. If I go to someone’s profile and it is just a feed of their blog posts, then that shows me that I will probably never connect with them, and vice versa. My favorite thing about Twitter is the chats I get to be involved in. Basically, a Twitter chat is where people follow a hashtag, whoever is hosting said chat tweets questions, and you just simply tweet back answers to those questions, and communicate with other people who are involved in the chat. They have a wide range of topics, and a wide range of actual chats to participate in. You can easily find me on THEGIRLGANG chat every Monday. Let’s talk about times and tools…

Best Time to Post: 1 – 3pm (this fall right into THEGIRLGANG chat that I do!)

Amount to Post: I have heard 5 is the ideal amount,  but do what you want. I would say if you are communicating with others, then there is no limit. Maybe to promote your content 5 is the limit.

Information: Twitter Analytics

Managing: (one I have had the best results with)


This is a pretty vital thing for social media. We all know what Pinterest is, so you know what it is about (not that you did not know what Twitter was, my bad!). I think the most important thing about this platform is the insipiration it provides to not only bloggers, but to everyone in general. From dinner to weddings to dealing with anxiety, you can find whatever you are looking for. There is quite a bit of Pinterest that I am still learning, so I can’t really tell you too much about this. I think your “pinnable” photo is wildly important. Having a great photo can make all of the difference when it comes to people repinning/liking/following you. This is as easy as getting on, and just quickly putting something together (also, it is free!). If you are a blogger, I highly suggest you switch over to Pinterest for business. It let’s you get information about views, traffic, followers, and your most popular content. Pretty sweet, huh?

Best time to post: 5  – 11pm & the weekend

Posts per day: 10 is about average, but like I have said, I live a life of no rules.

Information: Pinterest Analytics

Managing: (make your pictures look good!) & Buffer (again)


I think the biggest mistake people make is trying to have an “asthetic”, and while that makes your feed look amazing, I have to ask if it is you…Social media is kind of about being who you are, and showing the world what you love. Yeah, I love a gray and white palette as much as the rest of the world, but that is not my life. I definitely think having your social media platforms reflect you goes much further than having the same feed as 33523023 other people. I am in an instagram group…let me explain. It is a group of a few girls (Meet them here!) and we just message back and forth about blogging issues, and we also like each other’s photos to show additional support. Basically, you should do this with your blogging friends!

Best time to post: Anytime! I am always on instagram when I am bored, and I love just scrolling

Amount to post: I believe in 1 a day, but depending on what it is…two? two.

Managing: I am a firm believer in managing my own instagram. I love to keep it personal.


Okay, I should be talking about Facebook here, but I honestly have not seen anything happen with it, and I do not believe in giving advice on something that I just do not know about. I am always looking out for you. You’re welcome! When I get on the Facebook train, I will let you know, and give you all the tips and tricks that I have discovered!

Social media is definitely something we need as bloggers. It is an easy and affordable way to get the exposure we need, but also supporting others in our community. What are you favorite platforms? Do you have any tips?

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  1. I really enjoyed this article! I haven’t had any success with Facebook either, it seems like either bloggers have like 2000 followers on their FB or they have like 3. I haven’t mastered it yet for my blog lol.

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