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Yeah, I talked about Twitter yesterday, but I am doing it again today. After a quick look through my google analytics this morning, I realized that I get three times as much traffic from Twitter than any of my other social media accounts. Why? Because I make sure to stay active and engaged on Twitter. No, I definitely do not just sit on the internet and tweet all day long, but I make sure to have something going up on that account often to ensure optimal exposure. How do I do that? Buffer.

When I first started out, I definitely never thought I would be scheduling tweets. I always thought that was a pretty lazy thing to do, but guess what….it is A LIFESAVER. Your girl has got to sleep, and if I don’t, I get evil. A lot of my audience is in the UK (yes, rub it in that you live there!), and they are on a different timezone. Their dinner time is my lunch time.

I began scheduling tweets at the beginning of April, and I have not looked back since. If you are a traveler, then this is perfect for you. I would schedule tweets every day when I was in Europe because I had absolutely NO SERVICE, but sometimes I lucked out and got some sort of wifi, but it honestly was questionable at best. I am an early riser, so while everyone was getting ready in the mornings, I would just hop onto Buffer and schedule my tweets for the day, and work on getting some pre-written posts up as well. A blogger once told me that you have to be consistent. This is a job you can pretty much do from anywhere, so what is stopping you from doing it while traveling? Nothing.

Before you ask, this is not sponsored at all, just sharing my tips with my people (you!) So, why Buffer over other platforms? I just think that this is the easiest to use, keeps your analytics so that you can see which of your tweets are doing the best, and you can have different schedules for different days of the week. Oh yeah, guess what…it is free.

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All you have to do is type your tweet into the box, just like you normally would on Twitter. Buffer will even automatically shorten your tweets for you, so that takes one of the steps out of the process. Once you have your content ready to post, you can press “Add to Queue” and this will put your tweet in the line up. From there, you can share the post now, or you can just wait for it to post. You get up to ten free posts a day, which really is all I personally need for Twitter. I don’t want to drown people with fabulous content (JK!).

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This analytics is perfect for the lazy girl ( or guy!). It tells you the time that it was posted, how many retweets you received, how many likes it got, and mentions that you received from other users, how many clicks the post received from the link you provided, and the potential reach as a result of your twitter followers, as well as the followers of the users who retweeted the post. Most importantly, there is an option to rebuffer your post without having to completely retype it. Lazy goals, yet productive.

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On to scheduling…it is basically foolproof! I have it on a 12 hour schedule because #America, but you have the ability to change it to a 24 hour schedule if that better suits you. I have the same posting schedule for every day since I don’t have any content with specific deadlines going on right now. If you have a webinar, an ebook, and sponosred post, or anything like that, you can specify the exact time and day to have that go up. I personally have tweets go up pretty much all day since I do have some international readers.

I know people who host Twitter chats that schedule their questions out so they can really focus on answering the questions. Read my post here about Twitter chats, and those things move really quickly! I do change the scheduling times when I am involved in a chat like #GGMOVIENIGHT which is where we are all watching the same movie, and I want to have all of the fire quotes coming out!

There is a pay option for this platform if you need more posts, or if you have more social media accounts that you manage. The great thing about Buffer is that they actually show you where the money is going if you choose to upgrade to the Awesome Plan, but it works the same way either way, so if that is not in your budget, then just keep using the free platform for now!

Do you schedule your tweets or any other social media accounts? If you don’t use Buffer, which platform do you love? Let me know down below!



  1. This is pretty cool! I have wanted to make my twitter account “busy” but I never think to use it. I use Instagram and Facebook a lot more on the basis that I can share photos and updates with my family and friends. A lot of my family (maybe like two members) do not have Twitter. But I have been more busy on my blog and want to share across the vast horizon of social media outlets!

    To sum up that very big spiel, I definitely need to check out Buffer and work on growing my Twitter account!

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    C |

  2. I used to use buffer but switched to Tweetdeck as I can schedule more tweets. I used to think tweeting so often would annoy people but I often moss tweets from other people as I follow quite a lot so I hope others have that too! X

  3. I have been using buffer and have noticed a bi increase of traffic on my twitter. Its my most active social platform and starting to be my favorite.

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