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I have had a pretty crazy past couple of weeks. I have been missing all of my favorite Twitter chats, which you all know I absolutely love. If you have never been involved in a Twitter chat then you know how much fun they are, and if you haven’t, then what are you waiting on?! On this weeks episode of “Things Ashlee missed even though she set an alarm for it….” I am going to just answer the questions from the #sassybloggers chat!


If you are unaware of the Sassybloggers chat, then let me catch you up! It is a newer Twitter chat that I am not entirely sure is in my Twitter Chats post. This was created by the amazing team over at Coconutlane, and it is free for anyone to join. This is one of those chats that is primarily focused on making it’s members a better blogger. Anyway, huge fan!


For me, writing a post is just part of my day. I used to be extremely diligent about having to put out a post every day. In my brain, that was how I was going to grow my readership. I have since changed my ways, haha. I usually get crazy ideas and just write them down, and whenever it is time for me to write something, I will go through my ideas and pick one that speaks to me. My motivation definitely comes from me loving blogging, haha. It is one thing I am just extremely passionate about, and something I believe in.  I definitely feel accomplished whenever I post something. I am just so happy to be getting my words and opinions out into the open.


I don’t plan! I have the luxury of being a small blogger. This is just a creative outlet for me, and what I want to write about varies from day to day. Sometimes I want to write about tech topics, and sometimes I want to talk about how I overdraw my lips, it just depends on my mood. Since this is what I consider a lifestyle blog, I don’t think I need to really plan things out just yet. Maybe one day! Fingers Crossed!


It honestly depends on what the topic is, and also what time of day I start it. It can range from an hour to a day or two. For things that are a little bit more intense, it definitely leans towards the longer side. I have always been someone who ends up taking breaks. #LAZY I never want to burn myself out on something that I love, and this is something I am very careful about when I do it.


In terms of a schedule for what posts go up on each day, no. If we are talking about a routine for what I do is a smaller blogger per day, then yes. I always make sure to check social medias, read my favorite blogs, spend time communicating with other bloggers. Pretty simple things. I have recentely been making sure I set up my Buffer in the morning, so I guess that is some sort of planning tool? Maybe? I follow it as closely as I can, but life definitely gets in the way. Luckily, majority of the actions I consider my “routine”I am able to do on my phone.


I feel like I have said this a million times, but I just love the creative freedom! Our society, even though it is more tolerant than it was years ago, still shuts people down left and right. It is hard to even get a word in at a conversation in a bar, let alone actually being able to publish your opinion. I feel so fortunate that I had the ability to begin a blog, and it is 100% mine. In addition to that, I am so thankful for the friends I have made through blogging. Having a community of females who are so empowering is amazing, and it gives me the strength and confidence to continue what I am doing. Even when I am in a dark place. I want to continue to have strong relationships with people within the community and constantly support one another. As much as I would love to say that I want to be a huge blogger one day, who knows what could happen. My dream would be to be doing this as a full time job, I can’t even imagine that feeling, but maybe I can one day?


If you made it down here, thanks for reading! I hope that if you are not already involved with the #sassybloggers chat that you will join! It is 9pm GMT, but for us Americans, it is 4pm EST. It is not only uplifting to yourself, but uplifting to other people as well. You may be able to say one thing that can really change a person’s attitude or outlook, so why not try? Community is such a huge aspect of blogging, so get involved!






  1. I need to join in more twitter chats! I do enjoy them, when I actually have time to do them! haha. never heard of this sassy one before though, i must check it out 🙂


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