March Stats Review

March Stats review

Happy hump day ladies (and my dudes)! Today I am going to talk about my social media stats for my first FULL month of blogging. Not from when I began it, but from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

As a young blog, I am obviously not including any sort of income report…I haven’t made anything, haha. Most importantly, I am building my blog, and getting to know you, my reader. I care about talking to you, and knowing what you like to read about. If you aren’t here, then I am not here! ::Que the Circle of Life song from The Lion King::

Let’s begin!

Monthly Page Views: 1681…wow, hi! My first month (literally a week, haha) I had 143 total views. Which for being a baby blog, I thought that was absolutely incredible. That is like a 1075% increase! So far I am on track to match those views, but there is definitely the drive to improve!

Instagram: This is definitely a slow moving social media for me, and one that I am going to really focus on improving in the month of April (Ashlee, you dummy, just say this month). I ended February with 19 followers, which hey, that was still fantastic! I was able to build my buddies up to 165 (hey y’all). Building an Instagram with an asthetic is something that is the bees knees right now, so gotta work on that!

Twitter: Definitely my favorite social media platform. I began with 44 followers, and ended the month of March with 486! Which is another crazy high percentage increase, 1004%! I love how casual everything is on there, and it is a great way to talk to your idols. I am obsessed with twitter chats too! If you haven’t joined the #girlgangchat on Mondays yet…then…you need to hop on that!

Facebook: Ughhh, such a struggle! I ended with 21, and I only gained 9 more followers during March. I am definitely going to have to look up some information about building your Facebook. I attempted to do the Facebook Ad deal, but even that only gained me about 3 additional followers. If you have tips, let me know!

Bloglovin’: Is this just me, or do I not understand this? Haha. I understand the premise. Don’t get me wrong. Would i rather have people actually following my blog or newsletter than adding me to yet another feed? Maybe. I saw an increase from 4 to 192 during the past month, which is exciting. It is always amazing to have someone willingly want to look at your content who isn’t related to you, haha.

Pinterest: We fight all the time! I have never been someone who is into Pinterest, so this is definitely uncharted waters for me. I was able to go from 5 to 44 people, but it is still something that is difficult for me.


  1. Definitely research Facebook groups. Make sure to involve myself with blogging groups to ensure that I am connecting the best way that I can.
  2. I have so many friends who say Pinterest is the way to go, and that brings in a ton of traffic. I definitely need to build my following with that, and see how it improves my traffic.
  3. Get my newsletter going! That says it all.


I have a freebie that is able to be sent to you through email! Subscribe to my little list at the top of the page (that sweet mustard yellow looking banner at the top!), and I will send you the printable that I use to track all of these stats! Pretty sweet deal, right?

What are your monthly goals? Do you have any helpful tips? Let me know down below!



  1. I love how you dedicated a blog post for reviewing goals! Love love!!! And ah girl I’m in the same page my strength social media is Instagram right now and the blog but I am not the type of person to have all the platforms opened yet. I feel to overwhelmed with just having the blog Instagram pintrest bloglovin and snapchat hehe! I say focus on one of the social media platforms a week or a month and make it your goal to increase your following and build relationships in whatever platform that is your working on at the current moment. It helps building relationships especially with other bloggers who have been in it longer than us that way you get advice and they can even mention you on their social media 🙂 hope these bits of advice help girl #BlogTribe

    1. Thank you! Great advice. I will try to focus on one a week. There is definitely much more involved with blogging than just writing and taking photos, but it has been so much fun to learn about! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great stats Ashlee! Sometimes it takes a long time to grow certain platforms haha. For us, Insta was super slow in the beginning but it started picking up once we hit 500. For facebook…I find it’s not super useful but facebook groups are a great way of gaining additional views on blog posts(and followers)!

    1. Thanks! Insta has definitely been picking up, and I am struggling to find a reason to even keep up with Facebook. It definitely isn’t a platform I use in my personal life.

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